Have a crazy brilliant idea in need of funding? Glad you found us! Each week, we forward the interest of awesomeness in the universe with $1,000 no-strings-attached grants.
GRANT 312: Layali Salon 09/17/2018
They never meant to stay in Greece. Stuck there indefinitely now, some refugees could start afresh with this beauty-ful idea.
GRANT 311: Lorelei 09/10/2018
When women who compose music for blockbuster movies (and other media) declare “The Future Is Female,” we say, “That’s Awesome.”
GRANT 310: The Black Lunch Table in South Africa 09/03/2018
Two contradictory things can be true at the same time. Pretty much, that’s human history. Until recently only one version has been recorded.
GRANT 309: Mosaic Street Art Series 08/27/2018
What would you say if you looked down and were surprised to see a beautiful piece of art at your feet? Bet you'd say "AWESOME!" (We did)
GRANT 308: Suubi Health Center: Sustainability Projects 08/20/2018
Throughout 1000s of years of human history, women help other women in childbirth. In Budondo, Uganda, they’re better-trained than doctors.
GRANT 307: Notes to my Younger Self: Future Fellows Project 08/13/2018
Candidates clamor to attract people who never voted before. This awesome program teaches new, young, female voters to maximize their power.
GRANT 306: Sanar: A Healing Space 08/06/2018
What can comfort someone who's recovering from the trauma of violence? It helps to have options, including weird squeezy toys.
GRANT 305: A Town Called Victoria 07/30/2018
A documentary exploring a small town in Texas' response to a hate crime in Texas committed by an unlikely perpetrator.
GRANT 304: Chalkbeat Tennessee School Board Debate 07/23/2018
School board candidates in Memphis face tough debate moderators: the students.
GRANT 303: Codebuddies 07/16/2018
Would you rather 1) Work on coding skills alone in your room or 2) Meet IRL or online to collaborate and learn together?
GRANT 302: Choosing Our Roots 07/09/2018
Brrrr, it's cold in Alaska. Imagine how cold it feels when your parents kick you out of the house because you're not the son or daughter the
GRANT 301: Saving Lakota Language Off the Rez 07/02/2018
World languages disappear at the rate of one every two weeks. Native languages are most vulnerable.
GRANT 300: Black Barbie: A Documentary 06/25/2018
Chances are you don't remember a time when there wasn't a Black version of the iconic Barbie doll.
GRANT 299: The Doula Project 06/18/2018
For thousands of years, women gave birth without help from doctors because the women helped each other. Women still do this for other women
GRANT 298: KIOO New York 06/11/2018
Picture Equality! By using real cameras (not phones) to photograph the world, girls see the world differently.
GRANT 297: SAYERS & DOERS 06/04/2018
Bringing cutting-edge cultural conversation in a power-packed hour like a gift-wrapped package to the community
GRANT 296: In Stitches – A Serious Documentary About Comedy In South Africa 05/28/2018
What if none of your country's comedy was about most of your country's people?
GRANT 295: iFLY Youth Scholar’s Program 05/21/2018
For so many students, the dream of international travel is simply out of reach. That’s why iFLY Youth reaches out to them.
GRANT 294: Making Queer History 05/14/2018
Who gets to tell your story? If you're not a straight, white, man of some means, chances are history books don't know you.
GRANT 293: The Hometown Project 05/07/2018
Who's the most famous person to come from your hometown?
GRANT 292: AsylumConnect 04/30/2018
For the LGBTQ asylum seekers in the USA who have no idea how to live as themselves because they would have been killed for doing so in their
GRANT 291: Mile-High Greenhouses 04/23/2018
Not only are they a mile high, they're 1.5 meters deep to hide the crops underground!
GRANT 290: Natural Shocks National Project 04/16/2018
Using live theater to examine the complex issues of gun ownership and gun safety at this crucial time in the public conversation.
GRANT 289: Native Women’s Business Summit Childcare Support 04/09/2018
Native women mean business. (Which includes childcare support!)
GRANT 288: Culture and Its Discontents: A Public Conversation 04/02/2018
Giving 100 students free tickets, free speech, free inspiration, free flowing ideas
GRANT 287: Girls Create Summer Camps 03/26/2018
Oh, Athena Project, you had us at summer camps for girls featuring visual arts, playwriting, fashion design, and (our fave) improv. Then you
GRANT 286: Equippo 03/19/2018
There's nothing we love more than a good improv troupe, especially when it's designed to give kids a voice and real world coping skillz.
GRANT 285: Shaheen I-Tech Lab 03/12/2018
What if you had zero access to the internet? Women of Gilgit, Pakistan: We fixed that. Awesome.
GRANT 284: FloNe Initiative: Women In Transportation 03/05/2018
The pay is good, but the conditions are awful. Kenyan women overcoming obstacles to their success as transportation workers? Awesome.
GRANT 283: Tonality 02/26/2018
What, you never heard a choral ensemble sing about guns and sex? Check out Tonality! They're singing America's story.
GRANT 282: Sycamore Community Garden 02/19/2018
America’s not a melting pot, we’re a salad! Mix organic gardens with immigrants & new neighbors for awesomeness.
GRANT 281: Women’s Media Summit 02/12/2018
She got the ACLU & EEOC to confront major Hollywood studios about discriminatory gender ratios. Now what?
GRANT 280: EARTHCARE Eco Kids 02/05/2018
Here's how the youth of Grand Bahama Island are learning to protect and defend their beautiful home's natural national treasures.
Transforming underutilized space into a beautiful bus stop for folks with special physical needs? AWESOME.
GRANT 278: I Support the Girls 01/22/2018
Wondering what to do with that perfectly good bra you don't wear any more? Donate it!
GRANT 277: unPrison Project 01/15/2018
She saw two prisoners sharing one duct-taped pair of reading glasses, and she had an awesome vision to help.
GRANT 276: Free childcare for filmmakers – Park City 01/08/2018
When we remake the world to be fair to everyone, childcare will be built into everything. Until then, Moms-in-Film to the rescue of every pa
GRANT 275: Healing Justice Podcast 01/01/2018
An audio-based activist survival kit for these troubled and traumatic times.
GRANT 274: UNLADYLIKE 12/25/2017
They dared to be UNLADYLIKE. When these women boldly went where "a lady" wouldn't, they made history.
GRANT 273: Resilience for Birds 12/18/2017
Fed up with chickens that are full of antibiotics and other nasty stuff? Us, too.
GRANT 272: Titwrench Festival 12/12/2017
Bringing a sense of belonging for the artistic expression of women and LGBTQIA community since 2009. 
GRANT 271: Young Black Scholars 12/04/2017
Sparking conversations and elevating Black students' voices and visibility.
GRANT 270: NYC Momentum 2017 11/27/2017
Bringing together some of the smartest and most seasoned leaders who ensure our rights.
GRANT 269: Blank Noise 11/20/2017
Tackling everyday sexual harassment and confronting the unacceptable.
GRANT 268: Project Peaceful Warriors 11/13/2017
Redirecting angst into something more positive one breath at a time.
GRANT 267: Phase 4 11/06/2017
Say cheeeese! This photography program will make you smile.
GRANT 266: CHOOSE 10/30/2017
These two recent high school grads developed a textbook devoted to racial literacy.
GRANT 265: Amra Odbhuth Cafe 10/23/2017
This grantee turned an abandoned house into a cafe for Kolkata’s LGBTQ community.
GRANT 264: Leadership Institute (ADIMTU) 10/16/2017
Making sure a mother's voice isn't forgotten, and helping girls imagine more for themselves.

GRANT 263: Sailors Helping 10/09/2017
These Caribbean cruisers are hurricane heroes, providing relief and reconstruction.

GRANT 262: Earth Caravan Project 10/02/2017
Using Shiatsu treatments to foster much-needed healing in indigenous communities.
GRANT 261: STRAINS 09/25/2017
India’s megacities are in a mega water crisis.
GRANT 260: The Adventure Project 09/18/2017
The Adventure Project knows that what people living in poverty really want is a good job.
GRANT 259: Hello Neighbor 09/13/2017
Hello Neighbor is rolling out the welcome mat for refugees.
GRANT 258: A Woman to Know 08/21/2017
Profiling the baddest, the boldest, and the brightest women in history.
GRANT 257: Project Alloy 08/14/2017
The founders of Project Alloy say boy bye to the bro-heavy tech conference.
GRANT 256: Hard Tellin’ 08/07/2017
A video series about the fierce women of the sea.
GRANT 255: Punch Out the Patriarchy 07/31/2017
The She Fights Foundation isn’t going to stop taking a swing at double standards.
GRANT 254: SF BAY BAD DATE LIST 07/24/2017
Helping sex workers protect themselves – and each other.
GRANT 253: Dirty Girls 07/17/2017
The Dirty Girls team has found a way to turn trash into treasure for refugees in Greece.
GRANT 252: Lower Ninth Ward Home Rebuild 07/10/2017
12 years after Hurricane Katrina, Lowerninth.org is bringing life back to a century-old neighborhood.
GRANT 251: Healing Experience Camps 07/07/2017
A therapeutic camp experience can change the life of a grieving child.
GRANT 250: WORDNIK 06/26/2017
Wordnik is on a mission to collect every.single.word.
GRANT 249 : Songs of the Vine 06/19/2017
Prescription for the soul: Medicine songs via virtual reality.
GRANT 248: Equality Texas 06/12/2017
Leading the charge for equality and visibility of LGBTQ Texans.
GRANT 247: Conchservation Campaign 06/05/2017
Promoting conservation through the power of music, and saving the Queen Conch one by one.
GRANT 246: Golazo! 05/30/2017
This camp has two universal languages — Spanish and soccer — but one price: free.
GRANT 245: “Ask for Jane” 05/22/2017
This film shares the back-alley story of the Janes.
GRANT 244: Soap Up! 05/15/2017
This grantee is recycling hotel soap remnants to save lives in Pune, India.
GRANT 243: Stanton-Anthony Statue Fund 05/08/2017
Changing NYC’s Central Park’s 163-year history by adding a statue that honors real women.
GRANT 242: Ecuadorian Artisans 05/01/2017
A jewelry co-op with a cultural kick from the Shuar and Saraguro communities of Ecuador.
GRANT 241: Girl Represent 04/24/2017
Changing the face of U.S. politics one middle school girl at a time.
GRANT 240 : A Floating Concert 04/17/2017
Alaskan waterways are the new bandstand.
GRANT 239 : “Miss Sue” Statue 04/10/2017
Considering all of the history-making women, it's wayyy too hard to find statues of them.
GRANT 238: A Purrrfect Reunion 04/03/2017
This is the against-all-odds story of reuniting a refugee family from Syria with their cats.
GRANT 237: Still I Rise 03/27/2017
These survivors are breaking the silence on sex trafficking in the U.S.
GRANT 236: Seeing is Believing: Women Direct 03/20/2017
Step aside Mr. Miyagi & The Karate Kid. This is a different kind of “mentoring movie.”
GRANT 235: Coyote Institute 03/13/2017
Preserving the cultural stories that carry lessons across generational lines.
GRANT 234: The Aravani Art Project 03/06/2017
Giving visibility to India’s trans community and transforming attitudes through art.
GRANT 233: ZumaPoop! 02/28/2017
This is how you turn human waste into a resource and use a toilet without water.
GRANT 232: Name that Bone! 02/20/2017
This app helps you identify bones even if you failed 10th-grade Biology.
GRANT 231: A Pippin Production 02/13/2017
This theatre group puts girls center stage, now and always.
GRANT 230: Global Women’s Water Initiative 02/06/2017
This organization and team of women will provide water to hundreds in Uganda.
GRANT 229: Shelter for Homeless 01/30/2017
Amid an unusually brutal winter, this Portland-based organization is working around the clock to provide shelter for the homeless.
GRANT 228: Love the Sinner 01/23/2017
Break from the progressive echo chamber or remain in it? This filmmaker chose the former.
GRANT 227: Marching Forward 01/16/2017
A video that honors feminist pioneers and celebrates the next generation of activists.

GRANT 226: “No Somos Invisibles” Radio 01/09/2017
This Peruvian radio program turns up the volume on equality.
GRANT 225: Dinner for Refugees 01/03/2017
Human dignity and a hot meal for 6,000 refugees. This organization is stepping up to the plate (literally).
GRANT 224: Resistance Roller Derby 12/27/2016
Roller derby elbows its way into Scotland to benefit queer and trans youth.
GRANT 223: Teen FemiList 12/19/2016
Teen peer-to-peer mentoring that also smashes the patriarchy? We’re in.
GRANT 222: Gender Justice League 12/12/2016
Ensuring IDs are for identification, not discrimination.
GRANT 221: Carcel 12/05/2016
This organization is empowering women in prison one stitch at a time.
GRANT 220: Liberian Skateboards 11/28/2016
With not much more than a board and four wheels, this nonprofit is skating into Liberia.
GRANT 219: Juvie Talk: The Play 11/21/2016
Unlocking the language of lockdown.
GRANT 218: Trauma Camp 11/14/2016
Helping educators get smart on trauma and the millions it affects.
GRANT 217: The Mission 11/07/2016
This new web series tackles the serious while staying true to its funny side.
GRANT 216: Disability Allies Blog 10/31/2016
GRANT 215: WILDERNESS 10/24/2016
Theater that puts therapy and life’s vulnerabilities center stage.
GRANT 214: #JustSaySorry 10/17/2016
This campaign (literally) lights up social media for sexual assault survivors.
GRANT 213: #WhoTalks – GenderAvenger 10/10/2016
Who talks — and who doesn’t — this election season? Find out here.
GRANT 212: Circus Harmony 10/03/2016
Circus Harmony tackles impossible human feats of contortion and acrobatics — but with a special sauce that’s changing lives.

GRANT 211 : Sunshine Cinema 09/26/2016
Step aside multiplex. This cinema fits in a box (and is powered by solar energy).
GRANT 210: CHIPPED 09/19/2016
CHIPPED: The untold stories of the women behind your mani-pedi.
GRANT 209: MotherCoders 09/05/2016
MotherCoders is helping moms build careers in tech, and is generally awesome.
GRANT 208: “Black Women in Medicine” 08/29/2016
From inequality to excellence, these seven women are crushing it.
GRANT 207: Water Safety Music Album 08/22/2016
Water safety is no joke. Dive in with these informative songs.
GRANT 206: Tap Dance Map of NYC 08/15/2016
Step aside, ‘Pokemon Go.’ We’re tap dancing our way through NYC.
GRANT 205: #TalkTraffic Video Series 08/08/2016
GRANT 204: Bio-Classic Cleaning Woman’s Co-op 08/01/2016
Women-owned. Women-led. This eco-friendly business is crushing it.
GRANT 203: 826 Valencia Tenderloin Center 07/25/2016
Kids, writing, and a royal puffer fish. Work and wonder find equilibrium.
GRANT 202: BYkids 07/18/2016
Their world, their films.
GRANT 201: Born Just Right 3D Innovations 07/11/2016
A superhero prosthetic arm that shoots glitter? Rad.
GRANT 200: Rokia: Voice of a New Generation 07/01/2016
The story of one of Africa's most successful singer/songwriters is headed to the big screen.
GRANT 199: Mr. SOUL! The Movie 06/27/2016
Before Oprah, before Arsenio, there was Mr. SOUL!
GRANT 198: Musical Playground 06/20/2016
Innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to help children learn and grow.
GRANT 197: “A Single Vote” Suffrage Ballet 06/13/2016
One vote CAN change the course of history.
GRANT 196: Micromuseums 06/06/2016
Captivating dollhouse sized museums that will induce curiosity through the power of education and observation.
GRANT 195: Advice You Don’t Want to Hear 05/30/2016
99 problems and Palsy is just one.
GRANT 194: All My Relations: A Native America Portrait 05/23/2016
Stunning portraits showcasing the strength and resilience of Native Americans.
GRANT 193: play:ground 05/16/2016
An adventure playground in New York City.
GRANT 192: Citizen Bridge 05/09/2016
New York City's first citizen-built bridge.
GRANT 191: CO/LAB Theater Group 05/02/2016
NYC’s primary theater arts organizations for individuals with developmental disabilities.
GRANT 190: Y2Y: A Bold Experiment 04/25/2016
Young adults uniting to end homelessness.
GRANT 189: Ensemble Companio 04/18/2016
A chamber choir like no other.
GRANT 188: Hope House 04/11/2016
Ending the tragic cycle of young girls being forced into prostitution.
GRANT 187: Vism 04/04/2016
A new vision of volunteerism.
GRANT 186: Parkwood Technology Centre 03/28/2016
A community education project at Parkwood Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa.
GRANT 185: Bahia Project 03/21/2016
Meet Olek, the “Queen of Crochet."
GRANT 184: fEMR 03/14/2016
A free electronic medical records system that improves the quality of care provided to some of the world’s poorest populations.
GRANT 183: Ubuntu Performance Camp 2K16 03/07/2016
Bringing slam poetry to the streets of Philly.
GRANT 182: #RiseUp – Sexual Assault Survivor Rights Act 02/29/2016
Empowering sexual assault survivors with civil rights.
GRANT 181: Sidewalk Kintsukuroi 02/22/2016
You will never look at sidewalk cracks the same way again.
GRANT 180: GotScience.org 02/15/2016
Got science? You do, now!
GRANT 179: SenseU 02/08/2016
A decision-based narrative game that teaches young adults about sex & positive body image.
GRANT 178: Free Canes for Veterans 02/01/2016
A gift of love from one Veteran to another.
GRANT 177: Fallen Fruit 01/25/2016
Share Your Fruit. Change the World
GRANT 176: Portland Wheelers 01/18/2016
Outdoor biking fun for people living with disabilities.
GRANT 175: Awesome Summit 2016 01/11/2016
Celebrating "Awesome!"
GRANT 174: Emojination 01/04/2016
Where is the dumpling emoji?
GRANT 173: The Youth and Gender Media Project 12/28/2015
Using media to create communities where all genders are celebrated and all children are loved.
GRANT 172: Women Lead Nepal 12/21/2015
Women LEAD's office in Nepal suffered severe damage during the April 25th earthquake. It's time to rebuild.
GRANT 171: Out of My Head 12/14/2015
A film that dissects the history and mystery of the migraine.
GRANT 170: The Handi Project 12/07/2015
Bringing young Ifugao students on field trips, for the first time ever.
GRANT 169: Bad Date Coalition 11/30/2015
A social action group dedicated to improving safety for people involved in sex work.
GRANT 168: Human Trafficking Conference 2016 11/23/2015
A high school student-run and created conference dedicated to shedding light on the truths about human trafficking in the U.S.
GRANT 167: Generation Development Initiative 11/16/2015
Working to create an enabling environment where boys and men will support and empower girls and women to achieve their full potential.
GRANT 166: Daily Table 11/09/2015
A health care initiative, disguised as a grocery store
GRANT 165: Traveling While Black 11/02/2015
A storytelling project that immerses global audiences in the American story of minorities’ struggle for freedom of movement.
GRANT 164: T.E.A.M. MCAULEY 10/26/2015
In memory of Mary McAuley.
GRANT 163: 50X50: RECOVERING THE CLASSICS (Durham) 10/19/2015
Every book deserves a great cover!
GRANT 162: Lava Mae 10/12/2015
Delivering dignity one shower at a time.
GRANT 161: Nemo’s Garden 10/05/2015
Growing plants underwater is a REAL thing!
GRANT 160: Making Mayhem! 09/28/2015
Providing students with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism with social skills training through poetry and improv.
GRANT 159: Second Puberty 09/21/2015
A humorous, informative guide to HRT.
GRANT 158: Her Story 09/14/2015
A new media series created BY trans and queer women FOR trans and queer women.
GRANT 157: Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument 09/07/2015
A monument to honor the Tennessee women who secured ratification of the 19th Amendment and made Woman Suffrage the law of the land.
GRANT 156: KIDPACKS 08/31/2015
This back-to-school initiative provides students with the supplies they need to excel in the classroom.
GRANT 155: Uganda’s Drama Festival 08/24/2015
This Drama Festival in Uganda elevates women’s voices through music, drama, and dance.
GRANT 154: Last Call 08/17/2015
A documentary that goes inside the life of a remarkable Buddhist priest doing suicide prevention work in Japan
GRANT 153: Fast Driver Mom 08/10/2015
Ayesha is a mom on a mission. She loves to drive, loves fast cars and has entered the world of high performance driving.
GRANT 152 : Adaptive Dance Camp 08/03/2015
This dance company provides unlimited possibilities through dance for youth with physical and developmental disabilities.

GRANT 151: Adopt-A-Jean 07/27/2015
Changing lives… one pair of jeans at a time.
GRANT 150 : Well-Groomed 07/20/2015
A short film revealing the colorful, vibrant, and extreme world of competitive, creative dog grooming.
GRANT 149: A Carnival Fantasy: Where Anything is Possible 07/13/2015
Move over cancer, this 17-year-old isn't going to let you ruin the fun. Angel Eaton is having a carnival extravaganza!
GRANT 148: Panzi’s Holistic Healing for Sexual Violence Survivors 07/06/2015
Healing women, and restoring lives. 
GRANT 147: Rock Camp for Girls Montreal 06/29/2015
A place where girls get together to learn and make music in the name of empowerment and community building.
GRANT 146: Simply Music Gateway 06/22/2015
A FREE revolutionary music education program for children with special needs.
GRANT 145: Feminist Camp 06/15/2015
A transformative week of feminism in action that can’t be found anywhere else.
GRANT 144: Celebrating DC Women in Tech 2015 06/08/2015
An article about women in tech went viral, and prompted a convening and solidarity in the DC community.
GRANT 143: Unconventional Apology Project 06/01/2015
Sparked by a family tragedy, the portrait and interview series focuses on female survivors of domestic violence.
GRANT 142: The Untold Story of Somali Women’s Basketball Team 05/25/2015
The upcoming feature documentary 'Nation's Hope' tells the story of Somali girls who have overcome struggle by playing basketball.
GRANT 141: Hands of Honour 05/18/2015
Hands of Honour employs those without access to work in an upcycling program, beautifying urban spaces.
GRANT 140: Little Lotus 05/11/2015
NASA technology comforts babies at home while saving the lives of babies abroad
GRANT 139: Step By Step Haiti 05/04/2015
A clinic that treats people who live with diabetes is committed to ending unnecessary amputations
GRANT 138: Clear The Air 04/27/2015
Clear the air by making necessary and relevant information available to all.
GRANT 137: Kolossos Bike Zoo 04/20/2015
Katrina Brees, a former Queen of Carnival, is using her parade-building skills to make a difference in the animal kingdom
GRANT 136: Hollaback! Bahamas 04/09/2015
No more room for sexual harassment in The Bahamas!
GRANT 135: Sex Education for Social Justice 03/30/2015
Sex education helps teach social justice!
GRANT 134: Subsistence Research Center of Southern Illinois 03/23/2015
The revolution might begin with at an infoshop
GRANT 133: LA Storytellers Outdoor Film Series 03/16/2015
LA Renaissance to host a monthly outdoor film series featuring diverse and female filmmakers.
GRANT 132: Hope on a String: Marching Band Project 03/09/2015
Hope on a String encourages the Haitian community to make and perform their own healing music for those who need it most.
GRANT 131: Menstrual Pad Project for girls in Nepal 03/03/2015
A non-profit powerhouse brings economic empowerment and better healthcare to girls in Nepal.
GRANT 130: Disparate Minds: Progressive Art Studios 02/23/2015
Progressive studios across the country make room for adult artists living with developmental disabilities!
GRANT 129: The Director List 02/16/2015
An ever-expanding online compendium of female directors in television and film.
GRANT 128: Future Doctors for South Sudan 02/09/2015
An ongoing movement to educate, train and support aspiring doctors in South Sudan.
GRANT 127: Perform: oil & duct tape installation 02/02/2015
An evocative exhibition that explores how people connect and communicate in the digital age.
GRANT 126: Selma Student Tickets 01/26/2015
A major studio partners with NYC business leaders to provide students free admission to “SELMA”
GRANT 125: Atlanta FREE Store 01/19/2015
An ongoing food and clothing drive that helps people of all income levels meet basic needs.
GRANT 124: Art Barter Mexico 01/12/2015
A cross-continental platform of free exchange between artists and the public.
GRANT 123: Street Symphony 01/05/2015
A collective of musical humanitarians bringing the healing power of beautiful music to the masses.
A creative literacy initiative that's taking Honduras by storm.
GRANT 121: Middle East Film Initiative 12/22/2014
A community-based forum connecting a diverse spectrum of local media and entertainment professionals.
GRANT 120: Empowering Epilepsy 12/15/2014
Non-profit devoted to removing the stigmas and limitations associated with epilepsy.
GRANT 119: Women’s Health: HPV & Pap Screening 12/08/2014
Providing free HPV and pap tests for poverty-afflicted patients.
GRANT 118: Say It In Color: Art for Suicide Survivors 12/01/2014
An avenue for emotional healing through creative expression for troubled youth.
GRANT 117: Viva Verdi! 11/23/2014
This upcoming documentary showcases the beauty of humanity through music and generosity.
GRANT 116: MisAdventures Magazine 11/17/2014
An online publication featuring the world's most adventurous women.
GRANT 115: Kyn :: Democratizing Philanthropy 11/10/2014
An online launchpad for emerging philanthropists.
GRANT 114: MusicWorks 11/03/2014
Music therapy services for South Africa's children in marginalized communities.
GRANT 113: Mobile Cinema 10/27/2014
Films that challenge communities in Central Africa to confront difficult realities and reach peaceful resolutions.
GRANT 112: Every Child Deserves A Chance At Life 10/20/2014
Providing sound sleep, and dreams of a better tomorrow, for Congolese orphans.
GRANT 111: Spawn of the Gerrymander 10/13/2014
The six-headed sequel to a landmark illustration powered by social commentary.
GRANT 110: Creating Butterflies 10/06/2014
Helping breast cancer survivors receive reconstruction.
GRANT 109: Project41 09/29/2014
An agricultural-centered solution to poverty and malnourishment.
GRANT 108: Re-resonate 09/22/2014
A mobile music studio that develops innovative ways to use technology responsibly.
GRANT 107: PET Thatch Project 09/15/2014
Plastic roof construction in Ecuador introduces a smarter way to recycle.
GRANT 106: Knoxville Creative Reuse 09/08/2014
Inspiring environmentally sustainable behavior by recycling old materials.
GRANT 105: Young Voices Gathering 09/01/2014
A think-tank assembled in the interests of young girls all over the world.
GRANT 104: Flipping Physics 08/25/2014
A radical approach to teaching that replaces traditional lectures with interactive videos.
GRANT 103: Music & Environmental Sustainability in Tanzania 08/18/2014
Protecting music means protecting trees!
GRANT 102: Free Shakespeare in the Parks 08/11/2014
Shakespeare's timeless tales are reaching new audiences through outdoor theatre.
GRANT 101: The Human in the Bird, opera buffa 08/04/2014
An artistic investigation into the effects of human interaction & environment on the language of birds.
GRANT 100: IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls 07/28/2014
Two mothers introduce a line of action figures tailored to empowering young girls.
GRANT 99: Awareness and Prevention Through Art 07/20/2014
Painting the towns in North Jordan with Syrian and Jordanian youth.
GRANT 98: HIV Prevention Software for India 07/14/2014
The first research-based, data-driven approach to transnational HIV prevention.
GRANT 97: Lighting the Way to Success 07/07/2014
An awesome investment in education and solar power to shine light on inspiring minds.
GRANT 96: TENT ED 06/26/2014
A rapid impact project supporting the education of Syrian children.
GRANT 95: Prototypo 06/23/2014
Font fetishists find fulfillment in an open-source online application that allows them to design their own typefaces.
GRANT 94: A mobile tool lending library 06/16/2014
Detroit's free tool library on wheels.
GRANT 93: Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids 06/09/2014
Educating, motivating and empowering youth through dance!
GRANT 92: Health Navigators 05/28/2014
OHR's Health Navigators are leading Mfangano Island's patients to the mainland for solid healthcare.
GRANT 91: Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks 05/26/2014
Exploring public art and urban transformation to create dynamic, accessible art spaces.
GRANT 90: Paper Doll Parties in the Park 05/14/2014
Parks, parties and vintage paper dolls create conversation around diversity, identity and individual narrative.
GRANT 89: Critter Bitters 05/12/2014
Handcrafted cocktail bitters made with real roasted crickets.
GRANT 88: Hot Bread Kitchen 05/05/2014
Non-profit baking multi-ethnic breads and increasing access to the culinary industry for women & minority entrepreneurs.
GRANT 87: Tea + Purpose 04/28/2014
A gathering for women that inspires action-oriented conversations over tea to create a community of people who live purposefully.
GRANT 86: Mikst / Me-di-an 04/21/2014
A photo and video archive comprised of mixed race people of all ages, from all walks of life.
GRANT 85: The Morbid Anatomy Museum 04/14/2014
LiveStream capturing the world of art and medicine, death and culture.
GRANT 84: Jafflechutes 04/07/2014
A jafflechute is a jaffle (delicious) attached to a parachute (soft landing). Melbourne's 1st float-down eatery comes to NYC.
GRANT 83: Frame by Frame 03/31/2014
A documentary exploring Afghanistan's recent revolution of photography through four local photojournalists.
GRANT 82: Ka Pa Hula Na Pua o Kamali’i 03/24/2014
Traditional hula halau based in Houston & dedicated to the preservation of the Hawaiian culture.
GRANT 81: Mothlight Microcinema 03/17/2014
Monthly screening events bringing high quality film & video to Detroit audiences.
GRANT 80: Terminus 03/10/2014
Site-specific installations made out of blacklight and twine create “three-dimensional drawings”
GRANT 79: Mondays at Racine 03/03/2014
Every third Monday of the month, two sisters open the doors of their hair salon to women diagnosed with cancer.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
The Indigo Theatre Project 02/28/2014
A company of passion & purpose, dedicated to producing plays which benefit related non-profit organizations.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
B’Seder 02/27/2014
A social medium for Polish and Jewish communities
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
EpiBone 02/26/2014
A revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bone”.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Naked Narratives 02/25/2014
A weekly writing salon for women to share and celebrate their bodies.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Exposing local communities to the world of dance & disability—a truly powerful expression.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
HOLOSCENES 02/23/2014
Artistic director, designer, and visionary Lars Jan is submerging us in this live aquatic performance spectacle.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Peer Resources 02/22/2014
Rey Carr has amassed an impressive collection of publications and now he's moving that knowledge online.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
BOTS POTS 02/21/2014
BOTS Pots program uses innovation & fresh vegetation to get to the root of Connecticut's homeless problem.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Philippine initiative finds a way to turn surfing into higher grades and lower attrition.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Tribal Justice 02/18/2014
Human Rights pioneer, Ruth Cowan, sheds light on Native American culture with her new film "Tribal Justice."
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
EcoSan Toilets in Kenya 02/17/2014
Sanitation Superhero William Aludo targets Primary School in Kenya.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Mexico's indigenous midwives fight to preserve their culture.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Lennon & Carla are using the power of dinner parties to overcome loss, with love.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
SPARK GIRLS 02/15/2014
Combating illiteracy of young girls in marginalized & underprivileged communities in Zimbabwe.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
AWESOMeFEET 02/14/2014
The world-traveling Michigan native spreading the word firsthand about the joys of good-old fashioned footwork.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media 02/13/2014
"We are in effect enculturating kids from the very beginning to see women & girls as not taking up half of the space." -Geena Davis
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Babies in Space 02/12/2014
The world of Lucy McRae is one that traverses fashion, technology and the body into one awesome creation after another.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
DIY Sustainable Art Symposium 02/11/2014
This summer, Margaret and 3 others are launching their DIY Sustainable Art Symposium for artists everywhere.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
IRCA Capacity Startup Building 02/10/2014
A community of refugees in Boise, Idaho welcomes the displaced with a transformational mentorship program.

#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Pop-Up Repair 02/09/2014
A group of theater artists target New York City boroughs with a zany pop-up shop that challenges you to rethink recycling.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Open Arms 02/08/2014
Central Texas Birth Center is creating a positive birth experience for low-income moms in Texas.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Edgehill Bike Club 02/07/2014
This club gives kids something positive to do to stay out of trouble & see the world from a new perspective - on a bike.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Modern Loss 02/06/2014
A place to share the unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Blended Rhythms 02/05/2014
Kate Spanos & Dominique Mbaye are rousing up the tiny island of Montserrat with spicy Irish reels alongside African rhythms.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Angel Heart Pajama Project 02/04/2014
Dedicated to bringing comfort to foster children with gifts books and pajamas, and reminding us of the goodness in the world.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Dark Matter 02/01/2014
Self-censorship was part of daily life for new media artist and art activist, Morehshin Allahyari.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Infinity Burial Project 02/01/2014
The Infinity Burial Suit that commits our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death.
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
SPINALpedia 02/01/2014
A free user-generated how-to video network to help adapt to life with paralysis.
GRANT 50: Volunteer Handymen 01/27/2014
The Volunteer Handymen of Malta are recruited retired men that are volunteering to help families in need.
GRANT 49: Take A Seat, Make A Friend 01/20/2014
This is what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit and talk about life's big questions.
GRANT 48: Solo No Puedo 01/13/2014
Dr. Luis Vasquez, had a dream: build a state of the art, volunteer-run hospital in the middle of a Peruvian jungle.
GRANT 47: Warmth in Afganistan 01/06/2014
This product with a mission is keeping vulnerable low-birth-weight and premature infants safe and warm.
GRANT 46: Wishes and Wellness 12/30/2013
Empowering cancer patients and survivors by fulfilling ‘bucket list’ wishes.
GRANT 45: Donkeys for Development 12/23/2013
A changemaker working with donkeys to transform lives in this rural town of South Africa.
GRANT 44: Sweet Dreams 12/16/2013
Alexis and Jennie had a dream to start a business that made taste buds happy and hearts feel good.
GRANT 43: The Mlangarini Project 12/09/2013
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
GRANT 42: No, No Estamos Locos 12/02/2013
Sharing stories from Mexico City on tortilla papers.
GRANT 41: Community Canvases 11/25/2013
Making Buffalo and Western New York a more connected city through public art project and events.
GRANT 40: Hope Through Common Threads 11/18/2013
Providing a space for refugee women to preserve their cultures and transition to life in America with more ease.
GRANT 39: Dances Made to Order 11/11/2013
Every month, 3 talented artists are invited to create a 5-minute dance film on a theme selected by community.
GRANT 38: Performance, Potluck & Punch 11/04/2013
Potlucks include two ingredients key to cultural transformation: food and shared experience.
GRANT 37: Employee of the Month 10/28/2013
Catie Lazarus laughed all the way to the job bank. And now she is bringing others along with her.
GRANT 36: Best of the Fests 10/21/2013
Tammy Lynn Gilmore is a filmmaker and actor with Festivus for the Rest of Us on the brain.
GRANT 35: Burn Survivor Conference 10/14/2013
The Wise Foundation conference will provide rehabilitation and reintegration for young adult survivors of burns.
GRANT 34: Roma Ecology 10/07/2013
Little is known about the inner workings of the nomadic community that is Roma, but with this AWB grant, that’s about to change!
GRANT 33: International Online Opera 09/30/2013
A Twitter community of opera singers & fans across the world facilitate an online performance.
GRANT 32: Beauty and The Endangered Species 09/23/2013
False eyelashes used to promote conservation efforts around the Southern Ground-Hornbill in South Africa. Seriously.
GRANT 31: You & Me 09/16/2013
Discovering the cultural similarities and differences in mourning, while providing a one of a kind experience.
GRANT 30: Coconut Tree Climbers 09/09/2013
The ladders of success for women in India’s Kanyakumari District come by way of coconut trees!
GRANT 29: Bat Cloud 09/02/2013
When Professor and Architect Joyce Hwang sent us a Bat-Signal (quite literally) what else could we do but answer with awesome?
GRANT 28: China’s Magic Hospital 08/26/2013
The Circus comes to town for over 5,000 sick children each year in China’s Beijing hospitals.
GRANT 27: Community Garden Yields Wellness for Alabamians 08/19/2013
Step right up Alabamians! The Capstone Rural Health Center (CRHC) in Parrish is serving up FREE healthy food fare.
GRANT 26: Twistedly Dandified 08/12/2013
If you’ve never been Twistedly Dandified, then Bobby Zokaites invites you to climb into the wonder.
GRANT 25: Green Graffiti, Moss Murals for Montessori 08/05/2013
Not only will these children learn about moss, they’ll become graffiti artists, using "moss paint."
GRANT 24: Ethiopia’s HIV/AIDS Education Circus 07/29/2013
The circus does a lot more than come to town when it’s One Love driving the caravan.
GRANT 23: Great Basin Permaculture 07/22/2013
The permaculture movement is alive and well in Las Vegas thanks to a trio of cultivation enthusiasts.
GRANT 22: Think Before You Type 07/15/2013
This is what happens when two teen sisters take on cyberbullying.
GRANT 21: Funding the Future of Endangered Lakota Youth 07/08/2013
Supporting Lakota youth by developing a sustainable economic infrastructure for employment and growth.
GRANT 20: Film on China’s ‘Copy Towns’ 07/01/2013
Who knew you could visit the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and Christ the Redeemer just by going to China?
GRANT 19: 30 Days Of Opera 06/24/2013
Month. Long. Opera. Extravaganza. AND IT’S FREE?!
GRANT 18: Umvoti AIDS Center Playground 06/17/2013
In an effort to provide a more joyful, lighthearted outlet for the kids at Umvoti, Justin is building a playground.
GRANT 17: Fly With The Owlets ‘(@,@)’ 06/10/2013
The International Owl Center is working to make the world a better place for owls through education & research.
GRANT 16: Energy & Sanitation for the Students of Surkhet, Nepal 06/03/2013
Maggie Doyne and Cara Valentino have big plans for Surkhet, Nepal.
GRANT 15: Creating the Future 05/27/2013
A living laboratory for accomplishing social change.
GRANT 14: Gaia Milieu for “The Color Wheel” at HERE 05/20/2013
Contemporary artist & printmaker making "The Color Wheel" to engage viewers in a sensual conversation.
GRANT 13: Ladies Laugh-In 05/13/2013
These gals are going to change the world one laugh at a time.
GRANT 12: Trash Trees 05/06/2013
One person's trash is becoming another's treasure.
GRANT 11: The Boat for Singing Together 04/29/2013
A floating canopy where people can take a break from the frenzied pulse of the city and join in song? Yes, please!
GRANT 10: The Busker Hall of Fame – Stories from the Pitch 04/22/2013
A project that sheds light on the largely undocumented culture of street performers, or “buskers,” worldwide.
GRANT 9: People Helping Improve Life (PHIL-Athens) 04/15/2013
A company in Athens, GA that lets you donate to local nonprofits without spending a dime!
GRANT 8: Saving Panama’s Pygmy Sloths 04/08/2013
Julia Heckathorn’s goal was to give children a “perspective changing experience and love for the natural world.”
GRANT 7: INTERRUPT Magazine 04/01/2013
A bad*ss group of women banded together a platform for the (un)scene was born.
GRANT 6: Anouk Wipprecht’s ‘Fluid Fashion’ Workshop 03/25/2013
All hail the queen of fashionable technology!
GRANT 5: Luminescence 03/18/2013
A visual design studio that transforms physical spaces into memorable visual experiences.
GRANT 4: Blogologues 03/11/2013
What happens when live theater and the interwebs collide? Our fourth grantee, Blogologues!
GRANT 3: Awesome Sandy Rebuild 03/04/2013
Supporting those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Let's get funds to people who have been waiting.
GRANT 2: Rabbit Rabbit Radio 02/25/2013
A monthly offering of music, films, photos, and more from Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi.
GRANT 1: MESH 02/18/2013
We couldn’t be more excited to support Mesh, a documentary about community-owned Internet & the future of networks.