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Image from 'Blood Soup'

Grant #483

Blood Soup Children’s Book

A Book That Teaches Kids About Blood? That Takes Guts

Grant #482

The Loving Luggage Project

Sometimes a Bag Is So Much More Than a Simple Accessory
Legal fellows for ERA

Grant #481

Access to Justice for Emerging Attorneys of Color

Because We Need Our Lawyers to Look Like the Citizens They Serve
Volunteers/participants at PACHA

Grant #480

Decolonising Climate Change

Listening to (and Making Art with!) the People Bearing the Unequal Burden of Climate Change.
People sitting on top of washing machines

Grant #479


New Socks, Hot Showers, Fresh Laundry—The WASH Centre Is Offering Refugees a Little Warmth
Dance to Be Free_3

Grant #478

Dance to Be Free

In Confined Spaces, Women Are Finding Themselves Through Movement
People sitting learning about snake bites

Grant #477

Creating Awareness on Snakes and Snake Bites

How Much Do You Know About Snakes? The Answer Could Save Your Life
People on bikes smiling

Grant #476

The Cycling Experience

Two Wheels That Can Take You Places You Never Imagined

Grant #475

BITE-SIZED: Food Exhibits

Discover The Culinary Connection to Culture: Play With Your Food!

Grant #474

Liberation Is Lit

How Do You Attract Socially Conscious Bookworms? (Asking For A Friend)

Grant #473

CBMS International Canada

Traumatized? Sign This NDA And Shut Up For The Rest Of Your Life.

Grant #472

End Well’s Annual Symposium and Content

Do We HAVE To Talk About This? No, We GET To Talk About This.

Grant #471

1st Australian Awesome Foundation Summit

How To Have The Most Awesome AweSummit Ever? Have It In Awe-stralia!
The Statues

Grant #470

The Statues

What If The Statues Entered The Conversations We’re Having About Them?
Schooling in Korea classroom

Grant #469

Schooling in Korea

You Look Like All The Other Students, But You Feel Like A Martian
Hyphenated America co-founders

Grant #468

Hyphenated America

Hyping The Hyphenated, These Americans Are Embracing Their Whole Identities
Opportunity Airlines classroom wall

Grant #467

Opportunity Airlines

Opportunity Airlines Is Ready For Boarding To The Destination Of Your Imagination!

Grant #466


Ever Hear of a Breast Navigator? They Help You Find Healthy Options In Your Own Breast Interests!