Have a crazy brilliant idea in need of funding? Glad you found us! Each week, we forward the interest of awesomeness in the universe with $1,000 no-strings-attached grants.
GRANT #459: Lamoille Art & Justice Project 07/19/2021
How Can You Attract A Diverse Population When Your State Is 94% White?
GRANT #458: Remarkable Presence 07/12/2021
So Many Journeys, So Much To Unpack About The Pandemic
GRANT #457: Open Stage Project 07/06/2021
We’re On Our Feet! An Enthusiastic Standing O For This Backstage Education Program!

GRANT #456: The Cemetery of Strangers 06/28/2021
We Are In Awe & We Want To Know Why He Does What He Does
GRANT #455: Greenz Stories 06/21/2021
Say It Gre-NAY-Dah, not Gre-NAH-dah. What Else Don’t You Know About Grenada?
GRANT #454: Community Roots Arts Festival (CRAFt) 06/14/2021
Bolder in Boulder: Showing Up, Showing Out, Showing Excellence
GRANT #453: Bienvenue Chez Nous 06/07/2021
Cirque Du Our Nabe? Mais Oui! That ISA Circus In The Backyard
GRANT #452: All-Options Talkline 06/01/2021
When Talking About The Big Choices, We Prefer All Options, No Judgment

GRANT #451: Akamba Cultural Center Museum Completion 05/24/2021
Can The Building Go Up Before The Artifacts Are Degraded? We Hope So!
GRANT #450: Sounding the Invisible: An Elegant Symbiosis 05/17/2021
Can Art Save The Planet? No? How About Art Plus Science?
GRANT #449: Joyous Exploratorium 05/10/2021
The Joyful Exploratorium Is Getting Ready To Roll
GRANT #448: Arts Revitalization of Toledo 05/03/2021
Come To Toledo! (But Don't End Up In Ohio Unless You Meant To)
GRANT #447: Americañ/na 04/26/2021
We Love Neon, Neologisms, and Art That Starts A Conversation
GRANT #446: Revitalizing Indigenous Art 04/16/2021
Email Your Senator? No, These Young People Weave Their Political Messages Into Mats.
GRANT #445: Inclusive Safety Mural Series 04/12/2021
Murals Made to Promote Safety - and Selfies - To Mark The Month
GRANT #444: Harp to Heart 04/05/2021
No Strings Attached (Except To Her Instrument): Virtuoso Musician Offers Free Concerts Across North America
GRANT #443: Power Up Texas 03/29/2021
If You Were Cold, Hungry, & Trapped By A Storm, This Might Have Been Your Lifeline
GRANT #442: Canadian Girls Baseball 03/22/2021
Girls Who Wanted To Play Baseball Didn’t Have A League Of Their Own. So She Started One.
GRANT #441: WomanFest Ghana 03/15/2021
This Creative Curator Casts A Wide Net In Ghana To Collect and Share Stories New and Old
GRANT #440: Women’s Weekend Film Challenge 03/08/2021
When Covid Yelled CUT! These Filmmakers Wrote A New Script.
GRANT #439: Tidal 02/22/2021
If Any Of This Sounds Familiar, You Have Our Sympathy.
GRANT #438: LGBTQI+ Storytelling Project 02/15/2021
Love Is Love Except When Your Country Doesn’t Love That Love
GRANT #437: parthenogenesis: 02/08/2021
Everybody Wants Love and Romance, Right? Nope. Everybody Doesn’t.
GRANT #436: Romani Herstory 02/01/2021
If You’ve Heard Of Gypsies But Haven’t Heard Of The Romani, Guess What?
GRANT #435: Dream Way 01/25/2021
Dreaming Of Getting Away From Those People You’ve Been Stuck With? We Feel You.
GRANT #434: Post-Part 01/18/2021
This Mixed Media Project Immerses You In PPMD. Say What?
GRANT #433: Congo & New Orleans Connection 01/11/2021
NOLA + DRC + ARTISTS = Musical Architecture
GRANT #432: NASRIN 01/06/2021
She Fought To Free Political Prisoners, And Then She Became One.
GRANT #431: Be-coming Tree Live Art Event 12/28/2020
We’re Really Going Out On A Limb With Artists Around The World (And Their Trees)
GRANT #430: Fiesta 4 Hope 12/21/2020
They Looked Beyond Their Borders To Perform Awesomeness (We Stan)
GRANT #429: Makers Sin Fronteras 12/14/2020
Bringing The WOW Of Science To Kids Learning At Home (En Español También)
GRANT #428: Grandpa and Lewy 12/07/2020
What Can We Tell The Kids? Here’s A Story That Might Help
GRANT #427: Know Thy Neighbor 11/30/2020
Big Love For The People Who Run Small Businesses, Giants On Their Block
GRANT #426: Buena Fortuna Gardens 11/23/2020
They Seed, We Saw, It’s Growing On Us
GRANT #425: NYC/MTA : YYC/LRT 11/16/2020
All Aboard For Awesomeness! Or Just Stand There & Become Part Of The Art
GRANT #424: Micheaux Film Festival 11/09/2020
A Film Festival In Living Color, Inclusive, Intersectional, and In Time Of Pandemic, Online
GRANT #423: Unheard Voices 11/02/2020
These Moms Felt Like They'd Been Sentenced To Solitary, Until Now
GRANT #422: NYC Next 10/26/2020
New York City Insists On Being New York City Despite Pandemic Because NEW YORKERS
GRANT #421: Live Safari in Tiger Country 10/19/2020
The Perfect Safari For Our Time: Safe, Convenient, and Free
GRANT #420: Living Equality 10/12/2020
Why Are Some Genders STILL Not Guaranteed Equal Rights Under The Law?
GRANT #419: AlumNest Relief Fund 10/05/2020
When The Show Must NOT Go On, How Do Show People Pay Their Bills?
GRANT #418: Hila-bana Street Art 09/28/2020
These Murals Are The Only Way Some Filipinos Will Ever Meet Their Fellow Citizens
GRANT #417: Intersections 09/21/2020
Perambulate The Pathways To Pandemic Peace (Safely, Of Course)
GRANT #416: Canals of Rurec 09/14/2020
This Rock Star Finds Hidden Heritage High In Peru
GRANT #415: A is For is Donating Stigma-Busting Comic Books 09/09/2020
A is For (Awesome, of course) And Altruistic Allyship
GRANT #414: Building Bridges with Bat Boxes 08/31/2020
OK, Maybe Bats Aren’t The Most Popular Animal This Year
GRANT #413: CalligraFilipino 08/24/2020
So Much More Than Just Another Pretty (Type)Face
GRANT #412: Breadfruit House Dominica 08/17/2020
Making Art Helps People Process Trauma, Especially True For Kids
GRANT #411: Making Organic Pictures 08/10/2020
Seeing is Be-Leaving: This Artist Prints Photos On Plant Leaves & You Could Too
GRANT #410: Ameelio 08/03/2020
Prison Life Hurts Families. This Awesome Idea Helps A Little. (Maybe A Lot.)
GRANT #409: Art Yard Shenanigans 07/27/2020
Is The Future Carved In Stone? It Is, In This Front Yard
GRANT #408: YOU ARE NOT ALONE 07/20/2020
Some Kids Really Need To Hear “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” (Evidence Is Good Too)
GRANT #407: Garden of the Groves 07/13/2020
Grand Bahama’s Awesomely Gorgeous Garden Misses Its Visitors (and their cash)
GRANT #406: Dee’s Tots Daycare 07/06/2020
Did You Ever Wonder How Night Shift Workers Find Child Care?
GRANT #405: Bridging The Digital Divide in Harlem 06/29/2020
If You Can Read This, You Can Do Something To Stop Inequality & Racism, Yes, YOU.
GRANT #404: Makers Make Masks 06/22/2020
How To Use A Crisis To Help With Another Crisis Or Two
GRANT #403: I’ll Read to You, You Read to Me 06/15/2020
Language Barriers Keeping People From Reading To Their Kids? Awesome Solution.
GRANT #402: Huichol Center for Cultural Survival 06/08/2020
Do You Have A Quarantine Garden? These People Started Theirs Hundreds Of Years Ago
GRANT #401: The Human Connections Living Room Project 06/01/2020
How About Hanging Out In Someone Else’s Living Room For A Change? Yes, Please!
GRANT #400: Useful Science 05/25/2020
How Can You Believe Science If You Don’t Understand It?
GRANT #399: Latvian Drag King Collective 05/18/2020
We Officially Crown The Kings Of Awesomeness (They’re AFABulous)

GRANT #398: A Floating White House 05/11/2020
You’ve Heard of Artists-In-Residence? Get Ready For Artists-In-Presidents!
GRANT #397: The Doonie Fund 05/04/2020
Honoring An Enterprising Matriarch By Honoring Other Black Women Entrepreneurs
GRANT #396: Piedmont High School Therapy Dog Program 04/27/2020
Feeling Anxious? A Nice Doggie Can Help You Calm Down Fast.
GRANT #395: ALMA’S Interactive Album 04/20/2020
You + Headphones + App + New York City = Awesome Musical Experience
GRANT #394: Feed Hungry, At-Risk New Yorkers During COVID-19 04/13/2020
Of All The Things People Need Right Now, This One’s Pretty Important.
GRANT #393: COVID Tech Connect 04/06/2020
WARNING: This CV19 Story Has An Unhappy Ending. (At Least There’s An Ending.)
GRANT #392: Digital Learning – Leave Nobody Behind 03/30/2020
He Actually Meant To Spread This Around And It’s Awesome
GRANT #391: Casa Hogar El Puente 03/23/2020
When Life As You Knew It Is Over, How Will You Protect Your Family?
GRANT #390: Titedanzante 03/16/2020
In Bolivia, Puppets Are New Old-Fashioned Entertainment And These Shows Aren’t Just For Children
GRANT #389: Snowy 03/09/2020
What Kind Of Yelp Review Would Your Pets Give Their Living Conditions?

GRANT #388: Project SEASON Women 03/02/2020
The Theater Establishment Is Sexist & Stubborn? These Women Show ‘Em What They’re Missing
GRANT #387: Solved By Girls Conference 02/25/2020
We’ve Done The Math: Girls Are Great At Solving Problems
GRANT #386: Rad Child Podcast 02/18/2020
A Child Just Asked A Question That Freaked You Right Out. Now What?
GRANT #385: Chairs for All Ages 02/10/2020
Maybe The Cure For Everything Is A Colorful Pair Of Handmade Adirondack Chairs
GRANT #384: Forced Trajectory Project 02/03/2020
Killed By Police and Criminalized. Now Their Family Suffers. This Is Our Witness.
GRANT #383: Drag Out The Vote 01/27/2020
Think Voter Registration Drives Are A Drag? Well, These Are! And Proud Of It.
GRANT #382: The Splendid Sewing School 01/22/2020
The Splendid Sewing School Fashions A Way Out Of Poverty In Liberia
GRANT #381: JCC Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival 01/13/2020
Can’t Sundance? Have We Got A Film Festival For You!
GRANT #380: Wonderground 01/06/2020
When You Feel Like A Misfit, Create Inclusive Spaces Where Misfits Are A Perfect Fit
GRANT #379: Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas 12/30/2019
Would You Buy A Meal For An Immigrant On The Texas Border? We Are & We Hope You Will Too
GRANT #378: Caregiver Collective 12/23/2019
You’re 25 Years Old And You Live With Mom – Because You’re Her Caregiver. (And It’s Weird.)
GRANT #377: Games and Online Harassment Support Hotline 12/17/2019
Because The Gaming Industry Just Had Its #MeToo Reckoning: Who You Gonna Call?
GRANT #376: Psichologie.cz 12/09/2019
Who’s A Good Doggie? (If Your Dog Isn’t, You Are Not A Well-Trained Owner.)

GRANT #375: Vanishing Soundscapes 12/02/2019
What’s That Chirping? Listen Carefully, The Natural Soundtrack Of Your Life Is Disappearing
GRANT #374: Yoga for Resilience Against Injustice 11/25/2019
Raise Your Hand if You Are Partly Responsible for the Worldwide Cultural Epidemic of White Supremacy
GRANT #373: Jungle Project Social Justice Scale Up 11/18/2019
There’s A Tree So Chock-Full Of Nutritious Fruit You Can Live On It (Hurricane Survivors DO!)
GRANT #372: DeSoto Arts Institute 11/11/2019
Just Because You Live In Northwest Mississippi Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Hollywood
GRANT #371: Memphis Suffrage Monument “Equality Trailblazers” 11/01/2019
Time To Put Women on Actual Pedestals
GRANT #370: Defy Ventures: Post-Release Services in CT 10/28/2019
Green Is The New Orange Is The New Black
GRANT #369: The Inclusive Middle School Classroom 10/22/2019
Every Child Deserves To Feel That They Belong, So Let’s Create Welcoming Classrooms.
GRANT #368: Revolutionary Women Leaders of Puna Mini Retreat 10/14/2019
In Traumatic Times, The Caregivers Need To Be Cared For Too
GRANT #367: Mimi: A Story About Absence Seizures 10/07/2019
That Person Ignoring You Might Not Just Be “Lost In Thought.” It Could Be A Seizure.
GRANT #366: Vagina Chorus 09/30/2019
Vagina Chorus Is Not What You Think It Is. (OK, It Isn’t What WE Thought It Was.)
GRANT #365: No Monkey Business 09/23/2019
Your Fancy Coconut Milk Might Have Been Harvested By A Very Annoyed Monkey
GRANT #364: LegalAliens Theatre 09/16/2019
How Do You Make Migrants and Refugees Visible and Heard? Put Them On Stage!
GRANT #363: Village Launch Party 09/09/2019
If This Works Everybody’s Gonna Want To Move To Vermont When They’re Old
GRANT #362: Klima – Converging Coastlines 08/29/2019
World Leaders Didn’t Come Up with This Practical Climate Strategy, Our Grantee Did. (World Leaders Welcome Though)
GRANT #361: Home for Mom: The Musical 08/23/2019
Your Dad’s Dementia Makes YOU Feel Crazy? Write A Musical!
GRANT #360: Whoop Dee Doo at Windmuller Park 08/19/2019
WHOOP DEE DOO! It's A Party In The Park And You're Invited!
GRANT #359: The Lafayette School Restoration 08/09/2019
Their School Was Closed In 1969 And They Never Stopped Trying To Get It Back
GRANT #358: Lift Like a Girl 08/05/2019
An Egyptian Girl Wants To Be A World Champion Weightlifter. A Filmmaker Wants To Tell Her Story.
GRANT #357: Breaktime Cafe 07/29/2019
Homeless Young Adults Need A Break In Life. Two College Students Declare “It’s Breaktime.”
GRANT #356: The Secret City Art Revival 07/22/2019
If We Tell You About The Secret City Is It Still Secret?
GRANT #355: Radio Nopal 07/15/2019
Narrowcasting To The Neighborhood: Radio Nopal Gives Everyone The Mic
GRANT #353: Keeping Asylum Seekers Healthy and Safe 07/01/2019
Have You Heard? A Bar Of Soap And A Toothbrush Are Too Much To Expect If You’re In US Custody For Weeks
GRANT #352: Hello Gold Mountain 06/24/2019
A Refugee Story For Our Time (From The Last Century) Using Guzheng and Oud (???)
GRANT #351: New Farms for New Americans 06/11/2019
It’s Not As Easy As You Think Helping Refugees Start Farming In Vermont. Guess Why?
GRANT #350: Vpershe 06/10/2019
Teens Want “The Facts Of Life” But Nobody Will Tell Them In The Only Language They Understand
GRANT #349: Abortion Access Force 06/03/2019
If You Have To Explain The Joke, It’s Not Funny. Reproductive Health Is No Joke.
GRANT #348: Edible Insects in Uganda 05/28/2019
Its Name Starts With “Meal,” It’s Good Food! (Even Though The Rest Of Its Name Is “Worm”)
GRANT #347: Flipping Out: A Gymnastics Documentary 05/20/2019
A Shockumentary About The Gymnastics World That Will Have You FLIPPING OUT
GRANT #346: 7000 Languages 05/13/2019
A Support System For Dying Languages
GRANT #345: Awesome Summit 2019 05/06/2019
What’s More Awesome Than Awesome Without Borders? Dozens of Other Awesome Foundation Chapters Attending The Annual Awe-Summit!
GRANT #344: 1st Annual Hudson Mad Hatters’ Parade 04/29/2019
Aspiring Artists, Agile Absurdists, Ambulatory Agitators, Welcome To The Mad Hatters’ Parade!
GRANT #343: Scarred But Winners 04/20/2019
Are You Brave Enough To READ About What This Awesome Grantee Wants To Do?
GRANT #342: Astro Science in the Western Area of Nicaragua 04/15/2019
Bringing The Moon And The Stars To A Neighborhood Near You (In Nicaragua)
GRANT #341:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Altars: Black Queer Spirit Work 04/08/2019
Altars Aren’t Just For Worship: These Pictures Will Tell A Surprising Story of Spiritual Significance
GRANT #340: OCCycling 04/01/2019
Did Your Bicycle Give You The First Taste Of Freedom And The Power To Go Places?
GRANT #339: Refresh 03/25/2019
Seeing Beauty (and Profit!) Where Others See Ugly? That’s Our Jam.
GRANT #338: Story Pirates for Schools 03/18/2019
The Story Pirates Have Commandeered A Boatload Of Books! Now To Divide The Spoils…
GRANT #337: Sphero Specdrums 03/13/2019
What If You Had The Power To Turn Everything You Touch Into Music? These Kids Will.
GRANT #336: Well Groomed 03/04/2019
When This Filmmaker Wins An Oscar, She Will Thank Us, Here’s Why
GRANT #335: Fat Girls Hiking 02/25/2019
You Never Go Hiking Because You’re (Fill In Your Excuse)? These Hikers Don’t Mind & Will Even Let You Lead.
GRANT #334: Exposure Therapy 02/18/2019
Adding Googly Eyes To Anything Makes It Funny. What Happens If You Add Nipples Instead?
GRANT #333: Hip Hop Feminism Workshop and Dance Party 02/11/2019
If You Are Not Down With Crunk Feminism, This Awesomeness Is Probably Not Your Jam
GRANT #332: American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation 02/04/2019
If You Can’t Communicate, It’s Hard To Participate. Meet A Pioneer In The Field That Helps Millions To Connect.
GRANT #331: Windom’s Dancing Classrooms 01/28/2019
If Kids Learn Social Dancing, They Also Learn To Be Kinder, More Respectful People. Awesome!
GRANT #330: Standing Rock Will Vote 01/22/2019
You Know Voter Suppression Is Bad When The Descendants Of The People Who Were Here First Aren’t Allowed To Vote.
GRANT #329: RSVP Volunteers 01/14/2019
Food, Transportation, Tax Prep Help – If Elderly People Need It, RSVP Volunteers Make It Happen In Kansas
GRANT #328: Tennessee Woman Suffrage Heritage Trail 01/07/2019
One Tennessee Lawmaker’s Vote Gave Suffragists Their Victory: Votes For Women In Every State
GRANT #327: This Place Will Be Water 12/31/2018
You’re Enjoying A Lovely Public Space When You See A Sticker: THIS PLACE WILL BE WATER. Uh Oh. Climate Change.
GRANT #326: The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival 12/24/2018
Kids Turn Award-Winning Books Into Mini Movies AND THEY’RE AWESOME
GRANT #325: Archaeology at Fort Negley Park in Nashville, TN 12/17/2018
Funding The Scramble To Unearth Secret Black History Before Redevelopment Destroys The Site
GRANT #324: Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote 12/10/2018
All Those New Women In The U.S. Congress? 100 Years Ago American Women Weren’t Even Allowed To VOTE.
GRANT #323: The Sewing Labs 12/03/2018
She Couldn’t Find Skilled Needleworkers, So She Started THE SEWING LABS To Train Them. Seams Awesome!
GRANT #322: A Day in the Forest 11/26/2018
White-Sand Forests (Yes, That’s A Thing) Are Disappearing. Can Kids Fall In Love With Them And Save Them?
GRANT #321: FCFCEP Child Welfare Film Festival and Symposium 11/19/2018
What’s It Like Being A Kid In Foster Care? This Film Festival Focuses On Children Who Don’t Have Permanent Homes.
GRANT #320: Know Your Rights 11/12/2018
What Good Are Reproductive Rights If They’re A Secret?
GRANT #319: Ballotpedia 11/05/2018
Amidst chaotic disagreement about what’s true, BALLOTPEDIA serves up indisputable facts to inform voters. (What a relief.)
GRANT #318: Living Costumes 10/29/2018
These Freakishly Awesome Creatures Are Wearing Costumes That Took Two Months To Sow and Grow and Sew.
GRANT #317: HERBeat 10/22/2018
Wielding large wooden mallets against massive drums, taiko performers are known for their thunderous performances. Women weren’t allowed.
GRANT #316: Survivor Girl Ukulele Band Project 10/15/2018
Our Next MacArthur-CNN Hero–Nobel Winner? The Survivor Girl Ukulele Band & The Woman Who (Literally) Dreamed Of Rescuing Them
GRANT #315: iVoted 10/08/2018
Make A Concerted Effort To Vote! You Might Be Rewarded With A Free Concert.
GRANT #314: Lucky 10/01/2018
A young and bright Indian immigrant living in Brooklyn does everything her parents, religion, and culture ask of her...
GRANT #313: FEmale Foundry 09/24/2018
Did you know FE is the symbol for iron? Now you know why this grantee is the FEmale Foundry.
GRANT #312: Layali Salon 09/17/2018
They never meant to stay in Greece. Stuck there indefinitely now, some refugees could start afresh with this beauty-ful idea.
GRANT #311: Lorelei 09/10/2018
When women who compose music for blockbuster movies (and other media) declare “The Future Is Female,” we say, “That’s Awesome.”
GRANT #310: The Black Lunch Table in South Africa 09/03/2018
Two contradictory things can be true at the same time. Pretty much, that’s human history. Until recently only one version has been recorded.
GRANT #309: Mosaic Street Art Series 08/27/2018
What would you say if you looked down and were surprised to see a beautiful piece of art at your feet? Bet you'd say "AWESOME!" (We did)
GRANT #308: Suubi Health Center: Sustainability Projects 08/20/2018
Throughout 1000s of years of human history, women help other women in childbirth. In Budondo, Uganda, they’re better-trained than doctors.
GRANT #307: Notes to my Younger Self: Future Fellows Project 08/13/2018
Candidates clamor to attract people who never voted before. This awesome program teaches new, young, female voters to maximize their power.
GRANT #306: Sanar: A Healing Space 08/06/2018
What can comfort someone who's recovering from the trauma of violence? It helps to have options, including weird squeezy toys.
GRANT #305: A Town Called Victoria 07/30/2018
A documentary exploring a small town in Texas' response to a hate crime in Texas committed by an unlikely perpetrator.
GRANT #304: Chalkbeat Tennessee School Board Debate 07/23/2018
School board candidates in Memphis face tough debate moderators: the students.
GRANT #303: Codebuddies 07/16/2018
Would you rather 1) Work on coding skills alone in your room or 2) Meet IRL or online to collaborate and learn together?
GRANT #302: Choosing Our Roots 07/09/2018
Brrrr, it's cold in Alaska. Imagine how cold it feels when your parents kick you out of the house because you're not the son or daughter the
GRANT #301: Saving Lakota Language Off the Rez 07/02/2018
World languages disappear at the rate of one every two weeks. Native languages are most vulnerable.
GRANT #300: Black Barbie: A Documentary 06/25/2018
Chances are you don't remember a time when there wasn't a Black version of the iconic Barbie doll.
GRANT #299: The Doula Project 06/18/2018
For thousands of years, women gave birth without help from doctors because the women helped each other. Women still do this for other women
GRANT #298: KIOO New York 06/11/2018
Picture Equality! By using real cameras (not phones) to photograph the world, girls see the world differently.
GRANT #297: SAYERS & DOERS 06/04/2018
Bringing cutting-edge cultural conversation in a power-packed hour like a gift-wrapped package to the community
GRANT #296: In Stitches – A Serious Documentary About Comedy In South Africa 05/28/2018
What if none of your country's comedy was about most of your country's people?
GRANT #295: iFLY Youth Scholar’s Program 05/21/2018
For so many students, the dream of international travel is simply out of reach. That’s why iFLY Youth reaches out to them.
GRANT #294: Making Queer History 05/14/2018
Who gets to tell your story? If you're not a straight, white, man of some means, chances are history books don't know you.
GRANT #293: The Hometown Project 05/07/2018
Who's the most famous person to come from your hometown?
GRANT #292: AsylumConnect 04/30/2018
For the LGBTQ asylum seekers in the USA who have no idea how to live as themselves because they would have been killed for doing so in their
GRANT #291: Mile-High Greenhouses 04/23/2018
Not only are they a mile high, they're 1.5 meters deep to hide the crops underground!
GRANT #290: Natural Shocks National Project 04/16/2018
Using live theater to examine the complex issues of gun ownership and gun safety at this crucial time in the public conversation.
GRANT #289: Native Women’s Business Summit Childcare Support 04/09/2018
Native women mean business. (Which includes childcare support!)
GRANT #288: Culture and Its Discontents: A Public Conversation 04/02/2018
Giving 100 students free tickets, free speech, free inspiration, free flowing ideas
GRANT #287: Girls Create Summer Camps 03/26/2018
Oh, Athena Project, you had us at summer camps for girls featuring visual arts, playwriting, fashion design, and (our fave) improv. Then you
GRANT #286: Equippo 03/19/2018
There's nothing we love more than a good improv troupe, especially when it's designed to give kids a voice and real world coping skillz.
GRANT #285: Shaheen I-Tech Lab 03/12/2018
What if you had zero access to the internet? Women of Gilgit, Pakistan: We fixed that. Awesome.
GRANT #284: FloNe Initiative: Women In Transportation 03/05/2018
The pay is good, but the conditions are awful. Kenyan women overcoming obstacles to their success as transportation workers? Awesome.
GRANT #283: Tonality 02/26/2018
What, you never heard a choral ensemble sing about guns and sex? Check out Tonality! They're singing America's story.
GRANT #282: Sycamore Community Garden 02/19/2018
America’s not a melting pot, we’re a salad! Mix organic gardens with immigrants & new neighbors for awesomeness.
GRANT #281: Women’s Media Summit 02/12/2018
She got the ACLU & EEOC to confront major Hollywood studios about discriminatory gender ratios. Now what?
GRANT #280: EARTHCARE Eco Kids 02/05/2018
Here's how the youth of Grand Bahama Island are learning to protect and defend their beautiful home's natural national treasures.
Transforming underutilized space into a beautiful bus stop for folks with special physical needs? AWESOME.
GRANT #278: I Support the Girls 01/22/2018
Wondering what to do with that perfectly good bra you don't wear any more? Donate it!
GRANT #277: unPrison Project 01/15/2018
She saw two prisoners sharing one duct-taped pair of reading glasses, and she had an awesome vision to help.
GRANT #276: Free childcare for filmmakers – Park City 01/08/2018
When we remake the world to be fair to everyone, childcare will be built into everything. Until then, Moms-in-Film to the rescue of every pa
GRANT #275: Healing Justice Podcast 01/01/2018
An audio-based activist survival kit for these troubled and traumatic times.
GRANT #274: UNLADYLIKE 12/25/2017
They dared to be UNLADYLIKE. When these women boldly went where "a lady" wouldn't, they made history.
GRANT #273: Resilience for Birds 12/18/2017
Fed up with chickens that are full of antibiotics and other nasty stuff? Us, too.
GRANT #272: Titwrench Festival 12/12/2017
Bringing a sense of belonging for the artistic expression of women and LGBTQIA community since 2009. 
GRANT #271: Young Black Scholars 12/04/2017
Sparking conversations and elevating Black students' voices and visibility.
GRANT #270: NYC Momentum 2017 11/27/2017
Bringing together some of the smartest and most seasoned leaders who ensure our rights.
GRANT #269: Blank Noise 11/20/2017
Tackling everyday sexual harassment and confronting the unacceptable.
GRANT #268: Project Peaceful Warriors 11/13/2017
Redirecting angst into something more positive one breath at a time.
GRANT #267: Phase 4 11/06/2017
Say cheeeese! This photography program will make you smile.
GRANT #266: CHOOSE 10/30/2017
These two recent high school grads developed a textbook devoted to racial literacy.
GRANT #265: Amra Odbhuth Cafe 10/23/2017
This grantee turned an abandoned house into a cafe for Kolkata’s LGBTQ community.
GRANT #264: Leadership Institute (ADIMTU) 10/16/2017
Making sure a mother's voice isn't forgotten, and helping girls imagine more for themselves.

GRANT #263: Sailors Helping 10/09/2017
These Caribbean cruisers are hurricane heroes, providing relief and reconstruction.

GRANT #262: Earth Caravan Project 10/02/2017
Using Shiatsu treatments to foster much-needed healing in indigenous communities.
GRANT #261: STRAINS 09/25/2017
India’s megacities are in a mega water crisis.
GRANT #260: The Adventure Project 09/18/2017
The Adventure Project knows that what people living in poverty really want is a good job.
GRANT #259: Hello Neighbor 09/13/2017
Hello Neighbor is rolling out the welcome mat for refugees.
GRANT #258: A Woman to Know 08/21/2017
Profiling the baddest, the boldest, and the brightest women in history.
GRANT #257: Project Alloy 08/14/2017
The founders of Project Alloy say boy bye to the bro-heavy tech conference.
GRANT #256: Hard Tellin’ 08/07/2017
A video series about the fierce women of the sea.
GRANT #255: Punch Out the Patriarchy 07/31/2017
The She Fights Foundation isn’t going to stop taking a swing at double standards.
GRANT #254: SF BAY BAD DATE LIST 07/24/2017
Helping sex workers protect themselves – and each other.
GRANT #253: Dirty Girls 07/17/2017
The Dirty Girls team has found a way to turn trash into treasure for refugees in Greece.
GRANT #252: Lower Ninth Ward Home Rebuild 07/10/2017
12 years after Hurricane Katrina, Lowerninth.org is bringing life back to a century-old neighborhood.
GRANT #251: Healing Experience Camps 07/07/2017
A therapeutic camp experience can change the life of a grieving child.
GRANT #250: WORDNIK 06/26/2017
Wordnik is on a mission to collect every.single.word.
GRANT #249 : Songs of the Vine 06/19/2017
Prescription for the soul: Medicine songs via virtual reality.
GRANT #248: Equality Texas 06/12/2017
Leading the charge for equality and visibility of LGBTQ Texans.
GRANT #247: Conchservation Campaign 06/05/2017
Promoting conservation through the power of music, and saving the Queen Conch one by one.
GRANT #246: Golazo! 05/30/2017
This camp has two universal languages — Spanish and soccer — but one price: free.
GRANT #245: “Ask for Jane” 05/22/2017
This film shares the back-alley story of the Janes.
GRANT #244: Soap Up! 05/15/2017
This grantee is recycling hotel soap remnants to save lives in Pune, India.
GRANT #243: Stanton-Anthony Statue Fund 05/08/2017
Changing NYC’s Central Park’s 163-year history by adding a statue that honors real women.
GRANT #242: Ecuadorian Artisans 05/01/2017
A jewelry co-op with a cultural kick from the Shuar and Saraguro communities of Ecuador.
GRANT #241: Girl Represent 04/24/2017
Changing the face of U.S. politics one middle school girl at a time.
GRANT #240 : A Floating Concert 04/17/2017
Alaskan waterways are the new bandstand.
GRANT #239 : “Miss Sue” Statue 04/10/2017
Considering all of the history-making women, it's wayyy too hard to find statues of them.
GRANT #238: A Purrrfect Reunion 04/03/2017
This is the against-all-odds story of reuniting a refugee family from Syria with their cats.
GRANT #237: Still I Rise 03/27/2017
These survivors are breaking the silence on sex trafficking in the U.S.
GRANT #236: Seeing is Believing: Women Direct 03/20/2017
Step aside Mr. Miyagi & The Karate Kid. This is a different kind of “mentoring movie.”
GRANT #235: Coyote Institute 03/13/2017
Preserving the cultural stories that carry lessons across generational lines.
GRANT #234: The Aravani Art Project 03/06/2017
Giving visibility to India’s trans community and transforming attitudes through art.
GRANT #233: ZumaPoop! 02/28/2017
This is how you turn human waste into a resource and use a toilet without water.
GRANT #232: Name that Bone! 02/20/2017
This app helps you identify bones even if you failed 10th-grade Biology.
GRANT #231: A Pippin Production 02/13/2017
This theatre group puts girls center stage, now and always.
GRANT #230: Global Women’s Water Initiative 02/06/2017
This organization and team of women will provide water to hundreds in Uganda.
GRANT #229: Shelter for Homeless 01/30/2017
Amid an unusually brutal winter, this Portland-based organization is working around the clock to provide shelter for the homeless.
GRANT #228: Love the Sinner 01/23/2017
Break from the progressive echo chamber or remain in it? This filmmaker chose the former.
GRANT #227: Marching Forward 01/16/2017
A video that honors feminist pioneers and celebrates the next generation of activists.

GRANT #226: “No Somos Invisibles” Radio 01/09/2017
This Peruvian radio program turns up the volume on equality.
GRANT #225: Dinner for Refugees 01/03/2017
Human dignity and a hot meal for 6,000 refugees. This organization is stepping up to the plate (literally).
GRANT #224: Resistance Roller Derby 12/27/2016
Roller derby elbows its way into Scotland to benefit queer and trans youth.
GRANT #223: Teen FemiList 12/19/2016
Teen peer-to-peer mentoring that also smashes the patriarchy? We’re in.
GRANT #222: Gender Justice League 12/12/2016
Ensuring IDs are for identification, not discrimination.
GRANT #221: Carcel 12/05/2016
This organization is empowering women in prison one stitch at a time.
GRANT #220: Liberian Skateboards 11/28/2016
With not much more than a board and four wheels, this nonprofit is skating into Liberia.
GRANT #219: Juvie Talk: The Play 11/21/2016
Unlocking the language of lockdown.
GRANT #218: Trauma Camp 11/14/2016
Helping educators get smart on trauma and the millions it affects.
GRANT #217: The Mission 11/07/2016
This new web series tackles the serious while staying true to its funny side.
GRANT #216: Disability Allies Blog 10/31/2016
GRANT #215: WILDERNESS 10/24/2016
Theater that puts therapy and life’s vulnerabilities center stage.
GRANT #214: #JustSaySorry 10/17/2016
This campaign (literally) lights up social media for sexual assault survivors.
GRANT #213: #WhoTalks – GenderAvenger 10/10/2016
Who talks — and who doesn’t — this election season? Find out here.
GRANT #212: Circus Harmony 10/03/2016
Circus Harmony tackles impossible human feats of contortion and acrobatics — but with a special sauce that’s changing lives.

GRANT #211 : Sunshine Cinema 09/26/2016
Step aside multiplex. This cinema fits in a box (and is powered by solar energy).
GRANT #210: CHIPPED 09/19/2016
CHIPPED: The untold stories of the women behind your mani-pedi.
GRANT #209: MotherCoders 09/05/2016
MotherCoders is helping moms build careers in tech, and is generally awesome.
GRANT #208: “Black Women in Medicine” 08/29/2016
From inequality to excellence, these seven women are crushing it.
GRANT #207: Water Safety Music Album 08/22/2016
Water safety is no joke. Dive in with these informative songs.
GRANT #206: Tap Dance Map of NYC 08/15/2016
Step aside, ‘Pokemon Go.’ We’re tap dancing our way through NYC.
GRANT #205: #TalkTraffic Video Series 08/08/2016
GRANT #204: Bio-Classic Cleaning Woman’s Co-op 08/01/2016
Women-owned. Women-led. This eco-friendly business is crushing it.
GRANT #203: 826 Valencia Tenderloin Center 07/25/2016
Kids, writing, and a royal puffer fish. Work and wonder find equilibrium.
GRANT #202: BYkids 07/18/2016
Their world, their films.
GRANT #201: Born Just Right 3D Innovations 07/11/2016
A superhero prosthetic arm that shoots glitter? Rad.
GRANT #200: Rokia: Voice of a New Generation 07/01/2016
The story of one of Africa's most successful singer/songwriters is headed to the big screen.
GRANT #199: Mr. SOUL! The Movie 06/27/2016
Before Oprah, before Arsenio, there was Mr. SOUL!
GRANT #198: Musical Playground 06/20/2016
Innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to help children learn and grow.
GRANT #197: “A Single Vote” Suffrage Ballet 06/13/2016
One vote CAN change the course of history.
GRANT #196: Micromuseums 06/06/2016
Captivating dollhouse sized museums that will induce curiosity through the power of education and observation.
GRANT #195: Advice You Don’t Want to Hear 05/30/2016
99 problems and Palsy is just one.
GRANT #194: All My Relations: A Native America Portrait 05/23/2016
Stunning portraits showcasing the strength and resilience of Native Americans.
GRANT #193: play:ground 05/16/2016
An adventure playground in New York City.
GRANT #192: Citizen Bridge 05/09/2016
New York City's first citizen-built bridge.
GRANT #191: CO/LAB Theater Group 05/02/2016
NYC’s primary theater arts organizations for individuals with developmental disabilities.
GRANT #190: Y2Y: A Bold Experiment 04/25/2016
Young adults uniting to end homelessness.
GRANT #189: Ensemble Companio 04/18/2016
A chamber choir like no other.
GRANT #188: Hope House 04/11/2016
Ending the tragic cycle of young girls being forced into prostitution.
GRANT #187: Vism 04/04/2016
A new vision of volunteerism.
GRANT #186: Parkwood Technology Centre 03/28/2016
A community education project at Parkwood Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa.
GRANT #185: Bahia Project 03/21/2016
Meet Olek, the “Queen of Crochet."
GRANT #184: fEMR 03/14/2016
A free electronic medical records system that improves the quality of care provided to some of the world’s poorest populations.
GRANT #183: Ubuntu Performance Camp 2K16 03/07/2016
Bringing slam poetry to the streets of Philly.
GRANT #182: #RiseUp – Sexual Assault Survivor Rights Act 02/29/2016
Empowering sexual assault survivors with civil rights.
GRANT #181: Sidewalk Kintsukuroi 02/22/2016
You will never look at sidewalk cracks the same way again.
GRANT #180: GotScience.org 02/15/2016
Got science? You do, now!
GRANT #179: SenseU 02/08/2016
A decision-based narrative game that teaches young adults about sex & positive body image.
GRANT #178: Free Canes for Veterans 02/01/2016
A gift of love from one Veteran to another.
GRANT #177: Fallen Fruit 01/25/2016
Share Your Fruit. Change the World
GRANT #176: Portland Wheelers 01/18/2016
Outdoor biking fun for people living with disabilities.
GRANT #175: Awesome Summit 2016 01/11/2016
Celebrating "Awesome!"
GRANT #174: Emojination 01/04/2016
Where is the dumpling emoji?
GRANT #173: The Youth and Gender Media Project 12/28/2015
Using media to create communities where all genders are celebrated and all children are loved.
GRANT #172: Women Lead Nepal 12/21/2015
Women LEAD's office in Nepal suffered severe damage during the April 25th earthquake. It's time to rebuild.
GRANT #171: Out of My Head 12/14/2015
A film that dissects the history and mystery of the migraine.
GRANT #170: The Handi Project 12/07/2015
Bringing young Ifugao students on field trips, for the first time ever.
GRANT #169: Bad Date Coalition 11/30/2015
A social action group dedicated to improving safety for people involved in sex work.
GRANT #168: Human Trafficking Conference 2016 11/23/2015
A high school student-run and created conference dedicated to shedding light on the truths about human trafficking in the U.S.
GRANT #167: Generation Development Initiative 11/16/2015
Working to create an enabling environment where boys and men will support and empower girls and women to achieve their full potential.
GRANT #166: Daily Table 11/09/2015
A health care initiative, disguised as a grocery store
GRANT #165: Traveling While Black 11/02/2015
A storytelling project that immerses global audiences in the American story of minorities’ struggle for freedom of movement.
GRANT #164: T.E.A.M. MCAULEY 10/26/2015
In memory of Mary McAuley.
GRANT #163: 50X50: RECOVERING THE CLASSICS (Durham) 10/19/2015
Every book deserves a great cover!
GRANT #162: Lava Mae 10/12/2015
Delivering dignity one shower at a time.
GRANT #161: Nemo’s Garden 10/05/2015
Growing plants underwater is a REAL thing!
GRANT #160: Making Mayhem! 09/28/2015
Providing students with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism with social skills training through poetry and improv.
GRANT #159: Second Puberty 09/21/2015
A humorous, informative guide to HRT.
GRANT #158: Her Story 09/14/2015
A new media series created BY trans and queer women FOR trans and queer women.
GRANT #157: Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument 09/07/2015
A monument to honor the Tennessee women who secured ratification of the 19th Amendment and made Woman Suffrage the law of the land.
GRANT #156: KIDPACKS 08/31/2015
This back-to-school initiative provides students with the supplies they need to excel in the classroom.
GRANT #155: Uganda’s Drama Festival 08/24/2015
This Drama Festival in Uganda elevates women’s voices through music, drama, and dance.
GRANT #154: Last Call 08/17/2015
A documentary that goes inside the life of a remarkable Buddhist priest doing suicide prevention work in Japan
GRANT #153: Fast Driver Mom 08/10/2015
Ayesha is a mom on a mission. She loves to drive, loves fast cars and has entered the world of high performance driving.
GRANT #152 : Adaptive Dance Camp 08/03/2015
This dance company provides unlimited possibilities through dance for youth with physical and developmental disabilities.

GRANT #151: Adopt-A-Jean 07/27/2015
Changing lives… one pair of jeans at a time.
GRANT #150 : Well-Groomed 07/20/2015
A short film revealing the colorful, vibrant, and extreme world of competitive, creative dog grooming.
GRANT #149: A Carnival Fantasy: Where Anything is Possible 07/13/2015
Move over cancer, this 17-year-old isn't going to let you ruin the fun. Angel Eaton is having a carnival extravaganza!
GRANT #148: Panzi’s Holistic Healing for Sexual Violence Survivors 07/06/2015
Healing women, and restoring lives. 
GRANT #147: Rock Camp for Girls Montreal 06/29/2015
A place where girls get together to learn and make music in the name of empowerment and community building.
GRANT #146: Simply Music Gateway 06/22/2015
A FREE revolutionary music education program for children with special needs.
GRANT #145: Feminist Camp 06/15/2015
A transformative week of feminism in action that can’t be found anywhere else.
GRANT #144: Celebrating DC Women in Tech 2015 06/08/2015
An article about women in tech went viral, and prompted a convening and solidarity in the DC community.
GRANT #143: Unconventional Apology Project 06/01/2015
Sparked by a family tragedy, the portrait and interview series focuses on female survivors of domestic violence.
GRANT #142: The Untold Story of Somali Women’s Basketball Team 05/25/2015
The upcoming feature documentary 'Nation's Hope' tells the story of Somali girls who have overcome struggle by playing basketball.
GRANT #141: Hands of Honour 05/18/2015
Hands of Honour employs those without access to work in an upcycling program, beautifying urban spaces.
GRANT #140: Little Lotus 05/11/2015
NASA technology comforts babies at home while saving the lives of babies abroad
GRANT #139: Step By Step Haiti 05/04/2015
A clinic that treats people who live with diabetes is committed to ending unnecessary amputations
GRANT #138: Clear The Air 04/27/2015
Clear the air by making necessary and relevant information available to all.
GRANT #137: Kolossos Bike Zoo 04/20/2015
Katrina Brees, a former Queen of Carnival, is using her parade-building skills to make a difference in the animal kingdom
GRANT #136: Hollaback! Bahamas 04/09/2015
No more room for sexual harassment in The Bahamas!
GRANT #135: Sex Education for Social Justice 03/30/2015
Sex education helps teach social justice!
GRANT #134: Subsistence Research Center of Southern Illinois 03/23/2015
The revolution might begin with at an infoshop
GRANT #133: LA Storytellers Outdoor Film Series 03/16/2015
LA Renaissance to host a monthly outdoor film series featuring diverse and female filmmakers.
GRANT #132: Hope on a String: Marching Band Project 03/09/2015
Hope on a String encourages the Haitian community to make and perform their own healing music for those who need it most.
GRANT #131: Menstrual Pad Project for girls in Nepal 03/03/2015
A non-profit powerhouse brings economic empowerment and better healthcare to girls in Nepal.
GRANT #130: Disparate Minds: Progressive Art Studios 02/23/2015
Progressive studios across the country make room for adult artists living with developmental disabilities!
GRANT #129: The Director List 02/16/2015
An ever-expanding online compendium of female directors in television and film.
GRANT #128: Future Doctors for South Sudan 02/09/2015
An ongoing movement to educate, train and support aspiring doctors in South Sudan.
GRANT #127: Perform: oil & duct tape installation 02/02/2015
An evocative exhibition that explores how people connect and communicate in the digital age.
GRANT #126: Selma Student Tickets 01/26/2015
A major studio partners with NYC business leaders to provide students free admission to “SELMA”
GRANT #125: Atlanta FREE Store 01/19/2015
An ongoing food and clothing drive that helps people of all income levels meet basic needs.
GRANT #124: Art Barter Mexico 01/12/2015
A cross-continental platform of free exchange between artists and the public.
GRANT #123: Street Symphony 01/05/2015
A collective of musical humanitarians bringing the healing power of beautiful music to the masses.
A creative literacy initiative that's taking Honduras by storm.
GRANT #121: Middle East Film Initiative 12/22/2014
A community-based forum connecting a diverse spectrum of local media and entertainment professionals.
GRANT #120: Empowering Epilepsy 12/15/2014
Non-profit devoted to removing the stigmas and limitations associated with epilepsy.
GRANT #119: Women’s Health: HPV & Pap Screening 12/08/2014
Providing free HPV and pap tests for poverty-afflicted patients.
GRANT #118: Say It In Color: Art for Suicide Survivors 12/01/2014
An avenue for emotional healing through creative expression for troubled youth.
GRANT #117: Viva Verdi! 11/23/2014
This upcoming documentary showcases the beauty of humanity through music and generosity.
GRANT #116: MisAdventures Magazine 11/17/2014
An online publication featuring the world's most adventurous women.
GRANT #115: Kyn :: Democratizing Philanthropy 11/10/2014
An online launchpad for emerging philanthropists.
GRANT #114: MusicWorks 11/03/2014
Music therapy services for South Africa's children in marginalized communities.
GRANT #113: Mobile Cinema 10/27/2014
Films that challenge communities in Central Africa to confront difficult realities and reach peaceful resolutions.
GRANT #112: Every Child Deserves A Chance At Life 10/20/2014
Providing sound sleep, and dreams of a better tomorrow, for Congolese orphans.
GRANT #111: Spawn of the Gerrymander 10/13/2014
The six-headed sequel to a landmark illustration powered by social commentary.
GRANT #110: Creating Butterflies 10/06/2014
Helping breast cancer survivors receive reconstruction.
GRANT #109: Project41 09/29/2014
An agricultural-centered solution to poverty and malnourishment.
GRANT #108: Re-resonate 09/22/2014
A mobile music studio that develops innovative ways to use technology responsibly.
GRANT #107: PET Thatch Project 09/15/2014
Plastic roof construction in Ecuador introduces a smarter way to recycle.
GRANT #106: Knoxville Creative Reuse 09/08/2014
Inspiring environmentally sustainable behavior by recycling old materials.
GRANT #105: Young Voices Gathering 09/01/2014
A think-tank assembled in the interests of young girls all over the world.
GRANT #104: Flipping Physics 08/25/2014
A radical approach to teaching that replaces traditional lectures with interactive videos.
GRANT #103: Music & Environmental Sustainability in Tanzania 08/18/2014
Protecting music means protecting trees!
GRANT #102: Free Shakespeare in the Parks 08/11/2014
Shakespeare's timeless tales are reaching new audiences through outdoor theatre.
GRANT #101: The Human in the Bird, opera buffa 08/04/2014
An artistic investigation into the effects of human interaction & environment on the language of birds.
GRANT #100: IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls 07/28/2014
Two mothers introduce a line of action figures tailored to empowering young girls.
GRANT #99: Awareness and Prevention Through Art 07/20/2014
Painting the towns in North Jordan with Syrian and Jordanian youth.
GRANT #98: HIV Prevention Software for India 07/14/2014
The first research-based, data-driven approach to transnational HIV prevention.
GRANT #97: Lighting the Way to Success 07/07/2014
An awesome investment in education and solar power to shine light on inspiring minds.
GRANT #96: TENT ED 06/26/2014
A rapid impact project supporting the education of Syrian children.
GRANT #95: Prototypo 06/23/2014
Font fetishists find fulfillment in an open-source online application that allows them to design their own typefaces.
GRANT #94: A mobile tool lending library 06/16/2014
Detroit's free tool library on wheels.
GRANT #93: Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids 06/09/2014
Educating, motivating and empowering youth through dance!
GRANT #92: Health Navigators 05/28/2014
OHR's Health Navigators are leading Mfangano Island's patients to the mainland for solid healthcare.
GRANT #91: Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks 05/26/2014
Exploring public art and urban transformation to create dynamic, accessible art spaces.
GRANT #90: Paper Doll Parties in the Park 05/14/2014
Parks, parties and vintage paper dolls create conversation around diversity, identity and individual narrative.
GRANT #89: Critter Bitters 05/12/2014
Handcrafted cocktail bitters made with real roasted crickets.
GRANT #88: Hot Bread Kitchen 05/05/2014
Non-profit baking multi-ethnic breads and increasing access to the culinary industry for women & minority entrepreneurs.
GRANT #87: Tea + Purpose 04/28/2014
A gathering for women that inspires action-oriented conversations over tea to create a community of people who live purposefully.
GRANT #86: Mikst / Me-di-an 04/21/2014
A photo and video archive comprised of mixed race people of all ages, from all walks of life.
GRANT #85: The Morbid Anatomy Museum 04/14/2014
LiveStream capturing the world of art and medicine, death and culture.
GRANT #84: Jafflechutes 04/07/2014
A jafflechute is a jaffle (delicious) attached to a parachute (soft landing). Melbourne's 1st float-down eatery comes to NYC.
GRANT #83: Frame by Frame 03/31/2014
A documentary exploring Afghanistan's recent revolution of photography through four local photojournalists.
GRANT #82: Ka Pa Hula Na Pua o Kamali’i 03/24/2014
Traditional hula halau based in Houston & dedicated to the preservation of the Hawaiian culture.
GRANT #81: Mothlight Microcinema 03/17/2014
Monthly screening events bringing high quality film & video to Detroit audiences.
GRANT #80: Terminus 03/10/2014
Site-specific installations made out of blacklight and twine create “three-dimensional drawings”
GRANT #79: Mondays at Racine 03/03/2014
Every third Monday of the month, two sisters open the doors of their hair salon to women diagnosed with cancer.
GRANT #78:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
The Indigo Theatre Project 02/28/2014
A company of passion & purpose, dedicated to producing plays which benefit related non-profit organizations.
GRANT #77:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
B’Seder 02/27/2014
A social medium for Polish and Jewish communities
GRANT #76:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
EpiBone 02/26/2014
A revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bone”.
GRANT #75:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Naked Narratives 02/25/2014
A weekly writing salon for women to share and celebrate their bodies.
GRANT #74:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Exposing local communities to the world of dance & disability—a truly powerful expression.
GRANT #73:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
HOLOSCENES 02/23/2014
Artistic director, designer, and visionary Lars Jan is submerging us in this live aquatic performance spectacle.
GRANT #72:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Peer Resources 02/22/2014
Rey Carr has amassed an impressive collection of publications and now he's moving that knowledge online.
GRANT #71:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
BOTS POTS 02/21/2014
BOTS Pots program uses innovation & fresh vegetation to get to the root of Connecticut's homeless problem.
GRANT #70:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Philippine initiative finds a way to turn surfing into higher grades and lower attrition.
GRANT #69:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Tribal Justice 02/18/2014
Human Rights pioneer, Ruth Cowan, sheds light on Native American culture with her new film "Tribal Justice."
GRANT #68:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
EcoSan Toilets in Kenya 02/17/2014
Sanitation Superhero William Aludo targets Primary School in Kenya.
GRANT #67:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Mexico's indigenous midwives fight to preserve their culture.
GRANT #66:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Lennon & Carla are using the power of dinner parties to overcome loss, with love.
GRANT #65:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
SPARK GIRLS 02/15/2014
Combating illiteracy of young girls in marginalized & underprivileged communities in Zimbabwe.
GRANT #64:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
AWESOMeFEET 02/14/2014
The world-traveling Michigan native spreading the word firsthand about the joys of good-old fashioned footwork.
GRANT #63:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media 02/13/2014
"We are in effect enculturating kids from the very beginning to see women & girls as not taking up half of the space." -Geena Davis
GRANT #62:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Babies in Space 02/12/2014
The world of Lucy McRae is one that traverses fashion, technology and the body into one awesome creation after another.
GRANT #61:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
DIY Sustainable Art Symposium 02/11/2014
This summer, Margaret and 3 others are launching their DIY Sustainable Art Symposium for artists everywhere.
GRANT #60:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
IRCA Capacity Startup Building 02/10/2014
A community of refugees in Boise, Idaho welcomes the displaced with a transformational mentorship program.

GRANT #59:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Pop-Up Repair 02/09/2014
A group of theater artists target New York City boroughs with a zany pop-up shop that challenges you to rethink recycling.
GRANT #58:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Open Arms 02/08/2014
Central Texas Birth Center is creating a positive birth experience for low-income moms in Texas.
GRANT #57:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Edgehill Bike Club 02/07/2014
This club gives kids something positive to do to stay out of trouble & see the world from a new perspective - on a bike.
GRANT #56:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Modern Loss 02/06/2014
A place to share the unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death.
GRANT #55:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Blended Rhythms 02/05/2014
Kate Spanos & Dominique Mbaye are rousing up the tiny island of Montserrat with spicy Irish reels alongside African rhythms.
GRANT #54:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Angel Heart Pajama Project 02/04/2014
Dedicated to bringing comfort to foster children with gifts books and pajamas, and reminding us of the goodness in the world.
GRANT #53:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Dark Matter 02/01/2014
Self-censorship was part of daily life for new media artist and art activist, Morehshin Allahyari.
GRANT #52:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
Infinity Burial Project 02/01/2014
The Infinity Burial Suit that commits our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death.
GRANT #51:
#LoveAwesome Giving Campaign
SPINALpedia 02/01/2014
A free user-generated how-to video network to help adapt to life with paralysis.
GRANT #50: Volunteer Handymen 01/27/2014
The Volunteer Handymen of Malta are recruited retired men that are volunteering to help families in need.
GRANT #49: Take A Seat, Make A Friend 01/20/2014
This is what happens when two strangers sit in a ball pit and talk about life's big questions.
GRANT #48: Solo No Puedo 01/13/2014
Dr. Luis Vasquez, had a dream: build a state of the art, volunteer-run hospital in the middle of a Peruvian jungle.
GRANT #47: Warmth in Afganistan 01/06/2014
This product with a mission is keeping vulnerable low-birth-weight and premature infants safe and warm.
GRANT #46: Wishes and Wellness 12/30/2013
Empowering cancer patients and survivors by fulfilling ‘bucket list’ wishes.
GRANT #45: Donkeys for Development 12/23/2013
A changemaker working with donkeys to transform lives in this rural town of South Africa.
GRANT #44: Sweet Dreams 12/16/2013
Alexis and Jennie had a dream to start a business that made taste buds happy and hearts feel good.
GRANT #43: The Mlangarini Project 12/09/2013
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
GRANT #42: No, No Estamos Locos 12/02/2013
Sharing stories from Mexico City on tortilla papers.
GRANT #41: Community Canvases 11/25/2013
Making Buffalo and Western New York a more connected city through public art project and events.
GRANT #40: Hope Through Common Threads 11/18/2013
Providing a space for refugee women to preserve their cultures and transition to life in America with more ease.
GRANT #39: Dances Made to Order 11/11/2013
Every month, 3 talented artists are invited to create a 5-minute dance film on a theme selected by community.
GRANT #38: Performance, Potluck & Punch 11/04/2013
Potlucks include two ingredients key to cultural transformation: food and shared experience.
GRANT #37: Employee of the Month 10/28/2013
Catie Lazarus laughed all the way to the job bank. And now she is bringing others along with her.
GRANT #36: Best of the Fests 10/21/2013
Tammy Lynn Gilmore is a filmmaker and actor with Festivus for the Rest of Us on the brain.
GRANT #35: Burn Survivor Conference 10/14/2013
The Wise Foundation conference will provide rehabilitation and reintegration for young adult survivors of burns.
GRANT #34: Roma Ecology 10/07/2013
Little is known about the inner workings of the nomadic community that is Roma, but with this AWB grant, that’s about to change!
GRANT #33: International Online Opera 09/30/2013
A Twitter community of opera singers & fans across the world facilitate an online performance.
GRANT #32: Beauty and The Endangered Species 09/23/2013
False eyelashes used to promote conservation efforts around the Southern Ground-Hornbill in South Africa. Seriously.
GRANT #31: You & Me 09/16/2013
Discovering the cultural similarities and differences in mourning, while providing a one of a kind experience.
GRANT #30: Coconut Tree Climbers 09/09/2013
The ladders of success for women in India’s Kanyakumari District come by way of coconut trees!
GRANT #29: Bat Cloud 09/02/2013
When Professor and Architect Joyce Hwang sent us a Bat-Signal (quite literally) what else could we do but answer with awesome?
GRANT #28: China’s Magic Hospital 08/26/2013
The Circus comes to town for over 5,000 sick children each year in China’s Beijing hospitals.
GRANT #27: Community Garden Yields Wellness for Alabamians 08/19/2013
Step right up Alabamians! The Capstone Rural Health Center (CRHC) in Parrish is serving up FREE healthy food fare.
GRANT #26: Twistedly Dandified 08/12/2013
If you’ve never been Twistedly Dandified, then Bobby Zokaites invites you to climb into the wonder.
GRANT #25: Green Graffiti, Moss Murals for Montessori 08/05/2013
Not only will these children learn about moss, they’ll become graffiti artists, using "moss paint."
GRANT #24: Ethiopia’s HIV/AIDS Education Circus 07/29/2013
The circus does a lot more than come to town when it’s One Love driving the caravan.
GRANT #23: Great Basin Permaculture 07/22/2013
The permaculture movement is alive and well in Las Vegas thanks to a trio of cultivation enthusiasts.
GRANT #22: Think Before You Type 07/15/2013
This is what happens when two teen sisters take on cyberbullying.
GRANT #21: Funding the Future of Endangered Lakota Youth 07/08/2013
Supporting Lakota youth by developing a sustainable economic infrastructure for employment and growth.
GRANT #20: Film on China’s ‘Copy Towns’ 07/01/2013
Who knew you could visit the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and Christ the Redeemer just by going to China?
GRANT #19: 30 Days Of Opera 06/24/2013
Month. Long. Opera. Extravaganza. AND IT’S FREE?!
GRANT #18: Umvoti AIDS Center Playground 06/17/2013
In an effort to provide a more joyful, lighthearted outlet for the kids at Umvoti, Justin is building a playground.
GRANT #17: Fly With The Owlets ‘(@,@)’ 06/10/2013
The International Owl Center is working to make the world a better place for owls through education & research.
GRANT #16: Energy & Sanitation for the Students of Surkhet, Nepal 06/03/2013
Maggie Doyne and Cara Valentino have big plans for Surkhet, Nepal.
GRANT #15: Creating the Future 05/27/2013
A living laboratory for accomplishing social change.
GRANT #14: Gaia Milieu for “The Color Wheel” at HERE 05/20/2013
Contemporary artist & printmaker making "The Color Wheel" to engage viewers in a sensual conversation.
GRANT #13: Ladies Laugh-In 05/13/2013
These gals are going to change the world one laugh at a time.
GRANT #12: Trash Trees 05/06/2013
One person's trash is becoming another's treasure.
GRANT #11: The Boat for Singing Together 04/29/2013
A floating canopy where people can take a break from the frenzied pulse of the city and join in song? Yes, please!
GRANT #10: The Busker Hall of Fame – Stories from the Pitch 04/22/2013
A project that sheds light on the largely undocumented culture of street performers, or “buskers,” worldwide.
GRANT #9: People Helping Improve Life (PHIL-Athens) 04/15/2013
A company in Athens, GA that lets you donate to local nonprofits without spending a dime!
GRANT #8: Saving Panama’s Pygmy Sloths 04/08/2013
Julia Heckathorn’s goal was to give children a “perspective changing experience and love for the natural world.”
GRANT #7: INTERRUPT Magazine 04/01/2013
A bad*ss group of women banded together a platform for the (un)scene was born.
GRANT #6: Anouk Wipprecht’s ‘Fluid Fashion’ Workshop 03/25/2013
All hail the queen of fashionable technology!
GRANT #5: Luminescence 03/18/2013
A visual design studio that transforms physical spaces into memorable visual experiences.
GRANT #4: Blogologues 03/11/2013
What happens when live theater and the interwebs collide? Our fourth grantee, Blogologues!
GRANT #3: Awesome Sandy Rebuild 03/04/2013
Supporting those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Let's get funds to people who have been waiting.
GRANT #2: Rabbit Rabbit Radio 02/25/2013
A monthly offering of music, films, photos, and more from Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi.
GRANT #1: MESH 02/18/2013
We couldn’t be more excited to support Mesh, a documentary about community-owned Internet & the future of networks.