Grant #258

A Woman to Know

August 21, 2017

Trust us, you need to meet these women.

We thought we were pretty familiar with most of the usual suspects in women’s history. Yet nearly every day that Julia Carpenter’s A Woman To Know arrived in our inbox, we found ourselves being introduced to a fascinating woman we’d never heard of before. Never once did we delete without reading — it was that much fun.

Turns out this was Carpenter’s passion project, a side hustle for the hella successful writer and editor. She just thought it was important to educate us all on the raddest women in history.

She’s profiled the baddest, the boldest, and the brightest, if not the best-known. Ever heard of Trotula of Salerno? Thought not. Trotula pretty much invented women’s medicine (and taught the male doctors about women’s bodies because they were completely clueless).

Ironically, our awesome grant comes at a time when Julia needs to concentrate on her main gig. We hope A Woman To Know can expand to include more mind-blowing women from history, but in the meantime, check out the archives!

By opening your mind and your inbox to A Woman to Know, you’ll be inspired by diverse women who have helped to shape the lives that we’re living today. And it all starts by subscribing. Follow the adventures of Julia, a woman we love knowing, on Twitter.



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