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Abortion Access Force

June 3, 2019

If You Have To Explain The Joke, It’s Not Funny. Reproductive Health Is No Joke.

We’ve been fans of Lizz Winstead since she co-created The Daily Show. (We also raged when she left because, well, click the link.) Obviously she’s willing to take whatever comes from speaking truth and setting boundaries. Our jaws dropped when she began publicly standing up for reproductive freedom and justice, and marshaling support for health care workers who provide legal abortion care despite terrorist attacks on clinics and threats to patients.

Back in 2012, Lizz and her co-founders called their organizations “Lady Parts Justice” (the political arm) and “Lady Parts Justice League” (the educational and advocacy nonprofit) in the wake of the Michigan legislature’s ban on member Lisa Brown for using the word “vagina” while arguing against a transvaginal ultrasound bill; they said she should have said “lady parts” instead.

Since then, threats to people’s rights to make their own medical decisions have only grown, state by state.

Intrusive and punitive laws target not just “lady parts,” and the LPJL team wanted to stop memorializing ignorance (no matter how funny those ignorant legislators were in 2012).

Lady Parts Justice has changed its name to reflect their real-life history of inclusion and dignity for all genders and their fight for the freedom and independence of everybody’s parts.

Now their renamed educational and advocacy arm, Abortion Access Front, and political arm, Abortion Access Force, spell out exactly what Lizz and others are fighting for, and we salute their awesomeness with this grant to the Abortion Access Force.

If you believe that people have the right to make their own health care decisions without interference from government, if you believe that nobody should be denied access to legal health care services, then your words of support mean so much to everyone working to preserve individual rights and dignity.

Find out more here:, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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