Grant #62

Babies in Space

February 12, 2014

The world of Lucy McRae is one that traverses fashion, technology, and the body into one awesome creation after another.

If we don’t have your attention with the construction with clothing that glows to convey a mood, then how about skin that perspires a fragrance swallowed in a pill? OK, gotcha there. Keep reading…

This “body architect” has explored the relationship between the body, technology, and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials. With inventions crafted in her artistic laboratory that works on the fringes of magic, emotion, and intuition, we’re certainly not surprised that her exploration of the borders of the human body led to an invitation to speak at TED on ‘How Technology will Transform the Body‘.

We’re thrilled to support Lucy’s enchanting work designing the connective tissue between science and imagination. This AWB grant will help fund her most recent project, “Babies in Space”, which is a speculative artistic project that looks at the complications of growing a fetus in altered gravity environments.

“Babies in Space” will usher in a new era of procreation; a world in which children are created in the laboratory, gestated in artificial womb-like environments and brought “to term” without ever really being “born.” Set in interstellar conditions, where gravity is expensive to simulate, this project looks at travel between stars.

We HIGHLY suggest you click here and lose yourself in the amusing and thought-provoking fairy-tale world of Lucy McRae.

Category: Art, Babies, Culture, Film, Magic



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