Grant #391

Casa Hogar El Puente

March 23, 2020

When Life As You Knew It Is Over, How Will You Protect Your Family?

Have you wondered if you’ll be able to get enough food? Have you wondered if your kids are going to be safe? Have you stood in a line and waited for something you really needed?

People who have been on the move to get away from terrible conditions in their home countries, trying to get to the USA, have been stopped south of the border and forced to wait.

In answer to the desperate need for emergency housing, Casa Hogar El Puente, known in English as “The Bridge,” has begun welcoming migrant families. The organizers say it’s the first shelter created by migrants for migrants, offering community and protection to people who need both.

They’re grateful for all the donations and volunteer labor from both US and Mexican supporters, but the situation is overwhelming.

There is currently only one bathroom for the entire shelter.

You worried about stockpiling toilet paper?

These people are standing in a seemingly endless line, waiting to use the one bathroom that’s available, hoping it’s working when it’s their turn.

We could not say “yes” fast enough to their request for relief.

Our grant will make it possible for a second bathroom, alleviating the current issues that are inevitable when there is only one.

Whatever notion you might have had about “the kind of people” who are seeking safety, many of us are learning what it means to fear death from our neighbors, to desperately seek the basics to sustain life, when life as we knew it disappeared in what seemed like an instant.

We are all connected, and at any moment our circumstances can change dramatically. We too might be depending on the kindness of strangers.

Check out El Puente/The Bridge here.

Category: Children, Civic Engagement, Community, Health, Refugees, Sanitation, Social Impact, Wellness



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