Grant #557

Cave and Karst Exploration of Montenegro

October 30, 2023

Exploring the World Beneath Our Feet—One Far-Flung Cave at a Time

Humans send rockets into space and submarines deep into the ocean, but when we think about exploration, we tend not to remember the hidden depths of our own planet. A group of scientists and researchers is dedicated to the world beneath our feet, charting the secrets of caves all over the world, from Virginia and Wyoming to Montenegro and Slovenia. 

This year, the team (which is made up of an equal number of men and women!) is returning to the caves in the Kucka Korita region of Montenegro. It’s a spectacular setting, home to a unique karst terrain—topography characterized by dissolving bedrock that leaves behind fissures and sinkholes. Despite heavy rain in the area, the ground is dry, with water flowing into a vast and dramatic network of caves. While they explore, they will continue to engage with the local community, who have previously welcomed them onto their land and provided them with food and friendship. The group will eventually present their findings in papers and at conferences across Europe and the United States. Our grant will help cover equipment costs, from ropes to rigging hardware. When it comes to understanding our planet, we really have just scratched the surface. So let’s go deep! 

Category: Environment, Science, Travel



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