Grant #513

Community Cob Pizza Oven

December 12, 2022

In Duncan, British Columbia, a Local Pizza Oven Feeds the Whole Community

There’s nothing quite like fresh-from-the-oven pizza. Melted cheese, fresh sauce, a blistered, well-cooked crust? Now that’s a recipe for a good night. That is unless you’re unhoused; you can’t make your own and you can’t get delivery.

Except in Duncan, British Columbia, you just might get that fresh-baked free pizza, courtesy of the Cowichan Green Community Foundation (CGCF). CGCF is the new operator of the Community Cob Pizza Oven in downtown Duncan. The oven has been a fixture in a local park, but it had been badly vandalized and fallen into disrepair. After a lengthy clean-up period, the staff at CGCF got the contract to run it, fixed up the oven, and now is ready to dish up that pizza.

The plan is to invite unhoused and other disadvantaged young people to come for free pizza once a week. Food banks aren’t open in the evening, making easy, accessible, no-cost meals even more critical. CGCF has an appetite for more, hoping to reach a greater number of people with a variety of foods. Our grant will go toward ingredients and supplies. Sounds delicious to us—any way you slice it!

Category: Civic Engagement, Community, Food, Youth



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