Grant #247

Conchservation Campaign

June 5, 2017

Promoting conservation through the power of music, and saving the Queen Conch one by one.

The evidence is in, and climate change is happening: Temperatures are rising at alarming rates, coral reefs are bleaching, and global weather patterns are all wacky. While it’s important for everybody to channel their eco-anxiety and get involved with the global movement to protect our planet, local efforts like the Conchservation Campaign are equally as important.

While the campaign’s name is playful, the issue is not. The population of the Queen Conch — the large snail that natively lives inside that beautiful shell that you may have held up to your ear to “hear” the ocean — is in serious decline and could be lost forever. Recognizing the dire situation, campaign organizers turned to a more creative approach to educate the public. Young Bahamian musicians and influencers were enlisted to create the “Conch Gone” music video, tapping into the power of music as a catalyst for changing hearts and minds and inciting action around conch conversation. The message was simple: Save the conch. The video went viral, and now we hope the efforts for positive environmental change do too!

Awesome Without Borders is proud to support this avant-garde PSA, and the work of the Bahamas National Trust’s conservation efforts. Follow them on facebook.



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