Grant #89

Critter Bitters

May 12, 2014

These six-legged delicacies are taking the creepy out of America’s crawlies.

Art design mavericks Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin are changing the way Americans think and drink, with Critter Bitters: handcrafted cocktail bitters, made with toasted crickets. Vanilla, cacao, toasted almond, and pure cricket are the four featured flavors currently.

Each variety yields a unique, multifaceted taste profile, and can be readily mixed into cocktails or consumed with soda water. Instead of acting as a hidden cocktail ingredient, the bitters become the showpiece. Edible insects are nothing new, but it’s a tradition that hasn’t been widely shared in American culture — until Critter Bitters! Realizing that people tend to be more open-minded and adventurous when drinking, Lucy & Julia decided they’d found their way to introduce the Joneses to the joys of six-legged delicacies.

Reviews have been more than promising so far. Guests at the unveiling of Critter Bitters enjoyed their exotic cocktails. While they may have thought they’d be uncomfortable consuming insects, the guests loved the drinks. Just like that, from yuck to yum! But the success story’s just getting started; in order to continue improving existing products while rolling out new ones, the AWB grant will help make the next batch of bitter prototypes a tasty reality.

Keep an eye out for a tasting party near you! Connect with Critter Bitters on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date and give your feedback on some wild new flavors.

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