Grant #216

Disability Allies Blog

October 31, 2016

Ensuring the visibility and representation of people with disabilities.

When we talk about “inclusivity,” “diversity,” and “intersectionality,” your head might start to spin, but what usually comes to mind are issues surrounding gender and race. Sexuality, class, and religion may also be considered, but disability is often overlooked.

Bryce Kozla — a librarian and the author of the blog Bryce Don’t Play — knows that we need to begin a larger discussion about disability issues if we really want equity for all. This month she joins forces with three other writers to create a blog series with the hopes to further unite the disability community, engage allies in the conversation, and celebrate disability pride and empowerment.

The Awesome Without Borders grant will infuse resources into the project to support guest bloggers and elevate the various experiences of people with disabilities.

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