Grant #383

Drag Out The Vote

January 27, 2020

Think Voter Registration Drives Are A Drag? Well, These Are! And Proud Of It.

If you were at one of RuPaul’s Drag Race tour events, and a delightful drag queen invited you to register to vote, would you? Of course you would! You wouldn’t belive how many already have! Jackie Huba, founder of Drag Out The Vote™ told us what this non-partisan organization has accomplished in less than six months, and we couldn’t wait to say “Shante, You Stay.”

We love us a Get Out The Vote effort! We totally stan the idea of drag performers actively promoting participation in democracy by starring in GOTV drives. Their voter registration efforts are happening across the country in a variety of venues as colorful and different as what’s hanging in a drag queen’s closet. Drag queens have been on the political (and physical) front lines since the earliest days of the LGBTQIA+ movement, and this is one way they’re using their political power now. “The November 3, 2020 election is approaching and so are our drag queens, ready to help you way to the voting booth,” says Jackie Huba.

They’re going to use this AWB grant to create materials for their voter registration booths. We know whatever they do will be faaaaabulous. Learn more here, and follow along with Drag Out the Vote on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Category: Art, Civic Engagement, Empowerment, LGBT, Performance, Social Impact, Women