Grant #68

EcoSan Toilets in Kenya

February 17, 2014

Proper sanitation remains one of the greatest achievements of the industrialized world. Yet, for those without it, their health is at constant risk.

Enter Sanitation Superhero and Kenyan native William Aludo. Founder of Global Sustainability, a nonprofit that aims to establish locally-based self-help programs in developing countries, William’s focus is to initialize procedures that alleviate poverty via sustainable methods. First stop: EcoSan toilets.

Through GS, seven of the toilets will be constructed for Miruya Primary School, which, as of late 2013, had none. Not only will students be less susceptible to diseases like cholera, but they’ll also be enriching the environment through the natural compost EcoSan produces. Read: a garden of blossoming fruit trees to look forward to!

To learn more about the work of Global Sustainability, check out their homepage, or stop by on Facebook to check out the project’s progress.

Category: Education, Sanitation, Social Impact, Youth



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