Grant #348

Edible Insects in Uganda

May 28, 2019

Its Name Starts With “Meal,” It’s Good Food! (Even Though The Rest Of Its Name Is “Worm”)

That’s right, mealworms make excellent meals. Maybe you’re not accustomed to eating insects, but people in other cultures recognize their value as a source of protein (mealworms have about twice the protein of chicken) and deliciousness. That makes mealworms an especially valuable food source for refugees now living in Uganda — high quality nutrition without great cost.

There are over a million refugees in Uganda now, many of them women with few options for making a living. The Danish Refugee Council has been working with refugee farmers for many years. The big challenge? Refugee farmers don’t have much land. Well, it doesn’t take much room to grow insects.

In the smallest of spaces, many displaced farmers will be able to put their skills to work growing a source of nutritious protein, gaining some income and independence.

Danish nonprofit Impact Designs asked for this AWB grant in order to get at least ten little mealworm farms up and running. Don’t forget, for many people in Central and East Africa, edible insects have always been part of their regular food source.

Check out Impact Designs here and see if their volunteer-led work doesn’t worm its way into your heart (if not your dinner). Follow along with them on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t miss this short video on the project:

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