Grant #76


February 26, 2014

A revolutionary bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bone”.

Many comparisons have been made over the years between humans and machines, but at the end of the day, our bodies are all biological. So, why can’t we just grow our own parts? Thanks to the work of Nina Tandon and her colleagues at EpiBone, the hypothetical is quickly becoming reality.

NY-based EpiBone is a bio-tech company making tremendous advances in skeletal reconstruction. Through the engineering of surgery patients’ own stem cells, replacement bones and tissue can be constructed in place of prosthetics and cadavers. Not only are these homegrown bones fully compatible with the patient, they’re fully functional and continue to grow! That’s right; no more second surgeries.

In time, EpiBone hopes to take rebuilding our bodies one step further, by replacing damaged and diseased organs. The possibilities for cancer and other treatments are endless. They’ve got the technology, and they’ve got the talent. What they don’t have, is their own lab. Fortunately, this AWB grant will provide the funds necessary to move into their new home of choice, the Harlem Biospace. From there, they can get back to their number one point of focus: growing bones and making bodies whole.

Watch this video on EpiBone to learn more about how they’re planning to revolutionize the medical field. Then, visit them on Facebook and check out their homepage for more info.

Category: Science, Technology



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