Grant #554

Green Box Toolkits

October 9, 2023

A Nonprofit Advocates for a ‘Green Box’ Approaching to Organization and Aging

When Erin Welborn was younger, her mother had a policy: If a document was important, it went in “the green box.” The box was a place for her to keep paperwork and information, not only so that Erin’s mother had the essentials accessible in a central location, but so that her family did too. 

Erin is an adult now, with decades of experience in healthcare and human services, and she’s founded Green Box Solutions—a nonprofit organization dedicated to making aging, retirement planning, and eldercare easier for families. In addition to providing resources and information, Green Box Solutions wants to create and produce a printed toolkit workbook so that seniors can make sure all their important documents are centralized for their loved ones. The toolkit would be a huge help to the more than 8,700 caregivers, seniors, and senior-serving organizations that Green Box Solutions works with each year. 

Our grant is helping Erin and her team produce 70 bound workbooks, which are being donated to some of the seniors Green Box Solutions serves in the Bingham Park Senior Apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina. One recipient gave the process a straightforward thumbs up: “This is so helpful. I never really thought about how important this information really is.” Aging and retirement can be daunting. Knowing where to find answers makes it simpler. That’s what Erin’s mom understood all those years ago. Now we do too! 

Category: Civic Engagement, Community, Education, Empowerment



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