Grant #259

Hello Neighbor

September 13, 2017

The #FriendshipGoals that make America great.

Maybe you’ve wondered what you would do if you were suddenly forced to grab what you could carry and flee from your home. So many of our friends and fellow Americans in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida became refugees of the storm. What if it were you? Sleeping in a strange place, wondering how you’re going to work, what’s going to happen to your kids. That’s awful enough. Now, imagine you don’t speak the language, and that your new country isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat.

Sloane Davidson (our hero) invited a refugee family to share Thanksgiving with her family last year. The experience was transformative. Long story short, she saw how important it is for every refugee family to find new friends in their new communities. So, she founded Hello Neighbor to help refugees get comfortable with their American neighbors and vice versa, while building a network of support and connection.

This grant will go towards the cost of Hello Neighbor’s community-bonding events, including festive picnics and carnivals, the kind of fun that will bring everybody together in neighborhoods throughout the greater Pittsburgh area.

Check out their new video and say hello on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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