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September 4, 2023

A DIY Underground Radio Station Presses Play in Budapest

You could say András Kocsis is pretty plugged into the underground music scene in Budapest, Hungary. He’s a graphic designer and music enthusiast, and 11 years ago, he founded KERET—a DIY underground platform that hosts a blog, makes videos, and boosts the work of up-and-coming local musicians and bands. (For a sense of the city’s thumping sound, check out KERET’s Spotify playlists.) 

For András and the rest of the KERET team, the goal is more music for more people and so the obvious next step is launching an online radio station so that people can listen to their carefully programmed picks 24/7. As András puts it, “Launching online radio is easy, but launching it legally is expensive.” KERET will have to pay for a server as well as rights and licenses. That’s where we come in. Our grant will allow KERET Radio to stream for six months, giving it time to prove its concept and get advertisers and sponsors on board. KERET is committed to supporting artists from diverse backgrounds and marginalized communities in everything they do. KERET Radio will be no exception. Hear that? They’re playing our tune!

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