Grant #140

Little Lotus

May 11, 2015

Our Jane Chen fan girl-dom began well before AWB was even a twinkle in our eye.

So it made perfect sense that shortly after the inception of this chapter, we would celebrate her work with a $1000 vote of confidence.

100-ish grants later, we’ve witnessed Embrace infant warmers attain international recognition. The company won the Economist Innovation Award, the Fast Company Design for Social Good Award, presented its work to President Obama at the White House’s first ever Maker-Faire, and through the backing of Beyonc√© (yes, that one) and a partnership with Millennium Promise brought Embrace to nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa. You get it. They’re awesome. Why are we still talking about this?

To date, Embrace infant warmers have assisted in stabilizing the health and welfare of 150,000+ babies but the goal is one million, so this ever-innovative team has cooked up a new product and model they believe will help them achieve this. Enter Little Lotus.

Using the same proprietary fabric developed for NASA, the Little Lotus line of swaddles and blankets are designed to balance a baby’s skin temperature and reduce overheating and cooling. PLUS, for every Little Lotus swaddle, sleeping bag, cozy blanket or scarf purchased for $100 or over during their new campaign, the company will provide a baby in a developing country with an Embrace infant warmer.

We could go on babbling about how great this is and what it means for infants worldwide, but you should really check it out for yourself on their Kickstarter page!

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