Grant #227

Marching Forward

January 16, 2017

A video that honors feminist pioneers and celebrates the next generation of activists.


One day after the Presidential inauguration, another event is taking place in D.C.— the Women’s March on Washington.

While the mood among participants may waver between enthusiasm and worry, our latest grantee, Global Girl Media, and it’s partner, The Representation Project, are marking the occasion with an optimistic message. In coalition with female filmmakers, producers, and activists, the team is creating, Marching Forward, a new video that honors feminist pioneers and celebrates the next generation of leaders and activists (literally) marching us forward into 2017 and beyond. In just a few minutes, a moving story emerges that draws parallels between past and present, courage and transformation.

The innate power and courage of the featured young activists who will carry the torch is as inspiring as the determination and grit of female trailblazers of the past including Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta, Hillary Clinton and Malala. Awesome Without Borders is proudly supporting the production and distribution of this (awesome) video.

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