Grant #86

Mikst / Me-di-an

April 21, 2014

“I’ve spent my life searching the walls of major museums for people, who look like me. Haven’t found many so I decided–to create my own reflection.”– Victoria Mahoney

Award winning writer, director Victoria Mahoney has quietly set about, photographing mixed race people Nationwide in unpolished, informal settings, for a three-fold exhibit.

After a childhood of invisibility within the National realm of Art, Photography, Literature, Film &TV, Victoria made a silent pact–to bring a bit of light, upon unacknowledged human beings.

Three mediums, speaking to, for, by & about; mixed people, across the United States.

Mixed; /mikst/ Adjective ~ Consisting of different qualities or elements.

Median; me·di·an /ˈmēdēən/ Noun ~ The median value of a range of values, noting or pertaining to a plane dividing something into two equal parts.

On the heels of each PHOTO session, she asks a short series of questions for the VIDEO portion.

The third component involves a different group but also comprises everyday people.

Culled from word of mouth and social media.

Taking place in populated locations, synonymous to a given city, she films individuals, WRITING brief yet pointed answers to preset questions.

The end game is–to offer differentials, as well as similarities, within Mixed Races.

Once the exhibit returns from touring worldwide, the collection will ultimately remain housed at a University, with an intention toward inviting–continued discourse.

You can follow @victoriamahoney on Twitter or Instagram for updates throughout the year, detailing when Mikst / Me-di-an will be hitting your city/town.

Category: Art, Film, Photography, Writing



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