Grant #309

Mosaic Street Art Series

August 27, 2018

What would you say if you looked down and were surprised to see a beautiful piece of art at your feet? Bet you’d say “AWESOME!” (We did)

An artist (who must remain anonymous) has been dreaming of creating small mosaics and installing them on neighborhood streets where people would just come upon them unexpectedly.

“I wanted to create a mini-gallery of sorts, where all kinds of people can experience art. I want to place stained-glass mosaics throughout an area in spaces that might be considered bland, places that most people don’t have any reason to notice,” says the creator.

We love the idea of art for everyone, free, available to all who happen to be making their way down the street and are treated to a glimpse of something colorful and exquisite, appearing as if by magic.

It’s an Awesome Without Borders grant for, shall we say, art without official permission sometimes. Our cash will pay for enough glass, grout, grout boost and adhesive to allow the artist to install 100 of these gorgeous little pieces, and not every one will be with the advance blessing of the property owner because finding the owner might take forever. Plus, we’re pretty sure they’ll adore their free art.

“Beauty’s where you find it,” Madonna told us (Happy 60th, Madge). We hope YOU will find a beautiful surprise today, wherever you are.

Look for these gems on the streets, or follow along with their Instagram.



Starting May 15, 2023, we’re pausing accepting new applications. We will post here when we re-open the floodgates! Please do not submit any applications until we announce we are accepting them. We will not review them.

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Team Awesome Without Borders