Grant #81

Mothlight Microcinema

March 17, 2014

Delighting Detroit moviegoers, by putting the awesome work of local filmmakers front and center.

Cameras are rolling in Motor City! The magic of the silver screen is taking an independent turn in Detroit, as Julia Yezbick and Benjamin Gaydos bring the films to the people with Mothlight Microcinema.

Julia and Ben share a loft in downtown Detroit. When the two artists and filmmakers first moved in, they immediately saw the space’s potential to stage a micro-cinema. A large screen, and more than a few folding chairs later, and the duo were ready to showcase the work of local talent to the community free of charge! With Mothlight Microcinema, art and film meet the very people that feed its creation, and everyone benefits.

Mothlight’s monthly screening events bring high quality film and video to Detroit audiences. At the same time, they create awareness and support for the art and social causes of featured directors. Beyond the movies, Julia and Ben curate a program around each work, providing a greater context for the themes explored on film. Even better: an AWB grant will help keep admissions free to the public. It’ll go towards renting the film prints, as well as advertising and maintenance.

Be among the first to see the latest filmmakers in action, by visiting Mothlight Microcinema on Facebook. Or, stop by the MM homepage for upcoming screenings and showtimes.

Category: Culture, Documentary, Film, Media, Theater



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