Grant #114


November 3, 2014

“Music is a powerful tool that makes connections and creates hope for the vulnerable and isolated.”

All you need is love…in the form of music! And MusicWorks is making sure Cape Town’s youth are receiving no shortage of the stuff! The dynamic non-profit uses music therapy to unearth the buried treasure inside the minds of young people distraught with social & economic hardships. With MusicWorks, they don’t just learn to play instruments; they learn to play themselves!

The organization shines by providing a safe place for children to heal from the inside out, through the magic of self-expression. (Check it out for yourself!) The best kind of social change, is a natural one. And what’s more natural to each of us than sound?

The sessions are facilitated by registered music therapists, and give children an opportunity to process past trauma. They’ve even visited hospitals, and staged after-school programs! Offering such top-notch services is rarely cheap. Fortunately, one AWB grant can fund music therapy sessions for seven children for 20 weeks.

Show MusicWorks a little love on Facebook, and let their heart-lifting melodies dazzle you on YouTube.

Category: Children, Community, Empowerment, Music, Performance, Philanthropy, Social Impact, Youth



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