GRANT #127:

Perform: oil & duct tape installation

What do social media and duct tape have in common? Ask Tirtzah Bassel!

Tirtzah isn’t what we’d call a throwback artist. In a radically poetic effort to reiterate the precarious nuances of life in the digitally-driven 21st century, the Israeli-born painter-troubadour has employed the use of duct tape to make her eye-popping exhibition, PERFORM, come to life.

The exhibition features large-scale oil paintings alongside site-specific duct tape installations. Like tape, social media intends to stick, but is often fickle and fleeting. And, as most of us incorporate virtual communications into our ongoing social convo, we sometimes get caught between conflicting desires for expressing individuality, and maintaining transparency. PERFORM invites audiences to slow down, take a breath, and re-evaluate our place in the world, and how we actively connect with one another.

Tirtzah’s commitment to the people means sticking to a non-profit venue. And – TADA! – that’s where we swoop in. With this AWB grant, covering the costs for materials, transportation and documentation will be a wrap.

Ready to be re-introduced to the ever-metamorphosing world of social media? Get the 411 at Tirtzah’s main page, or take a gander at her amazing installations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.