Grant #502

Pipe Wrench

September 26, 2022

The Quarterly Magazine That Operates Like a Really Good Dinner Party

When the team at Pipe Wrench describes the magazine it produces, it sounds less like a traditional publication and more like a good time. That’s on purpose. 

Michelle Weber, Pipe Wrench’s editor-in-chief, pitches the digital outlet like one of those great dinner parties, where interesting people tell incredible stories: “passionate and unexpected and thought-provoking.” Then “all the other fascinating guests grab onto the bits that resonate with them or inspire them or irritate them and spin the conversation in a dozen new directions.” 

Pipe Wrench is structured like that…kind of. It centers on a great longform exploration of an idea, which its editors surround with content from other contributors who springboard off it—short fiction, personal narrative, reading list, a poem. 

Founded in 2021, Pipe Wrench is devoted to ensuring its contributors are paid well, granting them just contracts, guaranteeing its content is accessible to all, and celebrating historically excluded voices. 

The magazine is awesome as is, and our funds will help them shout a little louder about it! Our grant will go toward press distribution and email tools, among other investments in tech infrastructure. Great dinner parties tend to have limited guest lists. The good news is when it comes to reading Pipe Wrench, we’re all invited. 

Category: Writing



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