Grant #443

Power Up Texas

March 29, 2021

If You Were Cold, Hungry, & Trapped By A Storm, This Might Have Been Your Lifeline

News moves quicker than a deadly storm rages through Texas, so maybe you’ve already forgotten about the frozen hell that engulfed Texas in February. A winter storm system cut power to 4.5 million businesses and homes. Suddenly without heat, no access to food, clean water, or infrastructure, more than 111 people lost their lives.

We wanted to act fast to help. Our work with other donors has taught us to look for local organizations who really know what’s needed most, delivering services at the grassroots.

We saw that the Women Donors Network (we’re members and funders) had sent immediate cash to Power Up Texas. Emergencies call for nimble grantmaking, no big grant applications, no waiting for months to receive a check, no onerous reporting to somehow quantify the outcome to justify the spending.

Power Up Texas works to change the political climate that led to the decisions resulting in an avoidable power crisis.

Until they change the systems, the systems will fail. And when they do, that failure slams people with major losses, major damages, major harm.  Power Up Texas helped get food and water to people during the worst of the crisis. Cash is still helping pay for damage repair and other bills.

The storms of life don’t harm people equally. The same groups hardest hit by the COVID19 pandemic are the ones most likely to be left reeling by the February storms. Low-wage workers, immigrants, Black and Latino families, the people who are least likely to have emergency cash are the ones who need it most.

There’s nothing awesome about wondering if help is coming.

We think it’s awesome that Power Up Texas showed up for so many.


Category: Activism, Civic Engagement, Community, Social Impact



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