GRANT #109:


Wonder pump rains prosperity for farms, schools, and communities!

Andy Pierce just jumped ship: from plumbing contractor, to poverty-fighting champion! It all started when his trip to Haiti revealed the people’s struggle to acquire something as essential as clean water. The lack of power demanded a practical solution, and his Project 41 system is it.

Project 41’s irrigation system uses a bike and pool pump to supply as much as 50 gallons-per-minute. This allows farmers to grow crops in rich abundance, regardless of rain shortages. With this system, families who used to struggle just to feed themselves, can now produce enough food to feed the whole community!

This amazing rainmaker is rejuvenating local economies, from agriculture to academics. Plans are even underway to launch an agricultural program in schools alongside the Ghanaian government. Feeding and teaching certainly seems like a great way to raise quality of life, don’t you think?

Awesome work like P41 always rings our bell with the AWB team! With more funding, they’ll be able to take their operation to the next level. You can shower them with some love too, by visiting their homepage, and connecting on Facebook.