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Rad Child Podcast

February 18, 2020

A Child Just Asked A Question That Freaked You Right Out. Now What?

It’s a new world out there! Every parent and caregiver bumps up against it sooner or later, feeling completely baffled about how to talk with a child about, um, well, you know, like, er, ah, let’s say, a tricky subject.

If you freeze when a child in your life asks you about that pregnant man or that person of a different race, Seth Day created the Rad Child Podcast just for you. No matter how rad the question the youngsters around you pose, you’ll be prepared with real-world information from people who know more than you do about complicated situations.

Every episode features a panel of guests who share their own experiences, teaching you how to talk about race, gender, sexuality, mental health, dealing with disabilities, and other topics you need help discussing with kids.

Seth, who’s a transgender man, makes sure the experts featured on the podcast include people who know how to talk with children and are chill with subjects that leave some adults tongue-tied. Parents, nannies, educators, doulas, and others lend their best ideas for raising compassionate kids in a complicated world.

Maybe you have an idea for a show and you want to be a guest! Apply here.

Our Awesome cash will help pay for Rad Child Podcast’s web hosting and some new recording equipment.

Check out @radchildpodcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Category: Children, Health, Wellness, Youth



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