Grant #562

Seating for our Urban Farm

December 4, 2023

Throwing Shade—in a Good Way

Don’t let the sing-song nursery rhymes fool you: Farming is hard, physical work. In Pittsburgh, urban farmer Ebony Lundsford-Evans operates a community garden. Ebony teaches her neighbors (including young people) how to grow, sustain, and harvest fresh food through a nonprofit called Out of the End. That organization helps seed farming skills throughout the greater Pittsburgh metro area. Ebony operates two farms and a fresh-food corner store, so she knows better than most what it takes to nurture plants—and people. 

What she hasn’t been able to offer new farmers until now is a place to sit. At the farm, she and her fellow volunteers have had to rest on overturned buckets when they need a break. Our grant will help her build benches and a fence on and around the farm’s shaded area so that people can take it easy and swap stories in the field. She’ll use our funds to purchase lumber and materials. Now Old MacDonald can have a seat! 

Category: Accessibility, Children, Community, Environment, Food, Gardens, Health, Nature, Youth



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