Grant #126

Selma Student Tickets

January 26, 2015

What’s better than history at the movies? How about: FREE history at the movies?!

Like art, inspiration is forever. Its been about 50 years since the Voting Rights Act was passed and the heroic efforts of those brave men and women continue to create confidence and hope. And now that the motion picture “SELMA” is out making a buzz, tons of community leaders are rallying together to help remind and inspire today’s generations of the power they have to change the world for the better.

Starting on January 7, Paramount Pictures partnered with NYC’s African-American business leaders to offer free admission for the city’s middle and high school students to see “SELMA”! Banks, churches, libraries, and more than two dozen local theaters joined in to make it happen. Sometimes, all someone needs to awaken their inner awesomeness is a little motivation, and a strong example. Their hope is the real life story told by the Academy Award-nominated film will do that, and then some.

Of course, providing ongoing admission to such a large audience can get complicated. Here’s hoping that this AWB grant will help lift that weight a bit, while also helping the program’s organizers to extend the campaign across the nation! This grant allows 300 eighth graders in Westbury, NY to see the film.

To learn more, or reserve student tickets, be sure to visit the Selma for Students website or follow the hashtag #SelmaForStudents!

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