GRANT #229:

Shelter for Homeless

Amid an unusually brutal winter, this Portland-based organization is working around the clock to provide shelter for the homeless.

Winter is here, and when the temperatures drop it’s not uncommon to think of cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and a well-stoked fireplace. While we love the warm and fuzzy (literally and figuratively), our thoughts also turn to the people experiencing homelessness.

Amid an unusually brutal winter, Portland, Oregon’s homeless population has been hit hard this season and shelter has become a matter of life or death. The Artic blast and lack of affordable housing have emphasized the importance of organizations like Transition Projects — a Portland-based entity that transitions people from homelessness to housing. This organization is working around the clock to provide a clean, safe, and warm place for people in need while also offering health and wellness screenings, hygiene services, and access to computers. Awesome Without Borders is stepping in with support to provide much-needed emergency and ongoing housing services.

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