Grant #337

Sphero Specdrums

March 13, 2019

What If You Had The Power To Turn Everything You Touch Into Music? These Kids Will.

Sam Yancey asked us to give his students the ability to make magic with music. He explained that he found a way for his 4th graders to create their own superhero theme songs, record and mix music and soundtracks, all while gaining audio engineering skills, and we were intrigued.

When he told us about the invention that makes it possible, our jaws dropped and we knew Sam was going to be a member of the Awesome Without Borders family.

Here, take a look at this little gizmo.

No wonder Sam wants his students to have these rings that see colors and turn those colors into sounds — they are technological marvels and Sam’s students are going to be equipped to record their own voices, as well as sounds from real musical instruments. They can create with others, share with family and friends, and develop coding and programming skills while having fun making music.

Since Sam serves all 8 elementary schools in Haywood County, North Carolina, dozens of children will have the opportunity to experience the world through the music they make with their own touch, sight, and sound.

Usually this is the kind of request we’d suggest a teacher take to DonorsChoose, but we could not resist the Awesomeness of this passionate teacher.

His quest for the best for his students using the latest technology was, shall we say, music to our ears.

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