Grant #51


February 1, 2014

A free user-generated how-to video network to help adapt to life with paralysis and unite a community through the power of experience.

Britt Martin’s dedication to working with the disability community began early in life when her father was paralyzed in a car accident and their family’s life changed forever. Britt was 12 years old at the time and didn’t understand what the word “quadriplegic” entailed but shortly came to realize the adaptations she and her family would have to make when her father was told he would never walk again.

After graduating from Harvard in 2008 and spending years working with disabled populations around the world, Britt started her own social enterprise, – a user-generated, how-to video network for people with paralysis and their families to adapt their lives.

What we love most about SPINALpedia is how it immediately breaks down geographic barriers when users log in and become an immediate member of a support group. Members specify tags that indicate their relationship to paralysis (person paralyzed, spouse, parent, etc.) as well as the degree of paralysis to help find the most relevant information. The variety of “how to” videos is incredible. From driving to skydiving, from getting dressed to traveling, all content is organized in categories to help users find what they’re looking for and expose them to possibilities they never considered. Currently there are over 1,000 members and 3,000 videos.

We’re inspired by Britt’s accomplishments already and want to make sure SPINALpedia will continue to connect and empower people with disabilities. This grant will be used to print postcards explaining SPINALpedia’s resource and distribute them at rehabilitation hospitals to those who need it most: individuals who are newly paralyzed.

Watch Britt’s inspiring story here. Then connect with SPINALpedia on Facebook and Twitter.

Category: Community, Health, Philanthropy, Technology, Wellness



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