Grant #211

Sunshine Cinema

September 26, 2016

Step aside multiplex. This cinema fits in a box (and is powered by solar energy).

When access to the internet is scarce and your country faces chronic power outages, finding ways to watch movies may be challenging. Oh wait, what about that free energy beaming down from that fireball in the sky?

Enter Sunshine Cinema — a solar powered mobile cinema. Their “SunBox” (literally, it’s a box) uses solar panels to generate power and packs a mini projector, Android phone, and Bluetooth speakers. Voil√†! Movie night in South Africa!

Now, we all love a good screening of “Star Wars” and “Dirty Dancing,” but that’s not Sunshine Cinema’s MO. They focus on media that generates dialogue, networking, and activism. Films like these that spread the ethos of sustainability and the benefits of renewable energy all while amplifying the voices of local activists and citizens.

Awesome Without Borders is purchasing a SunBox for Buhle Sithela — a young South African entrepreneur who is passionate about building the first Cinema complex in his township of Khayelitsha. We’re helping with that dream!

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