Grant #496

The Pandora Project

April 11, 2022

When It Comes to Humanitarian Aid, Who Helps the Helpers?

In a crisis, the last thing humanitarian workers want to do is think about themselves. But the founders of the Pandora Project know that volunteers can’t be of service to others if they’re not also taking care of themselves. 

With bases in Athens and Berlin, the nonprofit organization supports and empowers aid workers with resources designed to promote self-care and build resilience. It also fights the stigma associated with seeking help in volunteer and humanitarian aid communities. Stress, trauma, and burnout are just a few of the chronic issues that volunteers deal with in extreme situations; left untreated, these conditions don’t just harm the people who most want to help, but take a toll on entire communities of displaced people.

Our funds will help the Pandora Project purchase the technical equipment needed for its training sessions in five different locations in Athens and throughout the Greek islands. The world’s most vulnerable people depend on humanitarian support. The Pandora Project exists to make sure the helpers get help too. 

Category: Activism, Community, Empowerment, Health, Refugees, Volunteer, Wellness



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