Grant #26

Twistedly Dandified

August 12, 2013

If you’ve never been Twistedly Dandified, then Bobby Zokaites invites you to climb into the wonder.

An Arizona-based artist, Zokaites’ thematic investigation of adventure and childhood has led him to his upcoming work, inspired by an amalgam of subjects from automobiles to Robinson Crusoe.

Said Zokaites: I have been constantly reminded of a quote from Richard Dattner, who explored the playground as the connection point between humans; he states that playgrounds exist “Between the world of fantasy and the world of reality, between the world of intuition and the world of logical things, and between the world of solitary play and the world of social cooperation and mutual understanding.”

To imbibe this same spirit, Zokaites will ask participants to climb into their own playground: six small rooms he will craft by weaving seatbelt webbing around aluminum structures to form conical baskets large enough for adults to stand in.

“It’s a large, colorful-tactile installation,” Bobby says, “which will undoubtedly draw the attention of anyone who sees it; taking on the role of an architectural intervention, to conceptually connect ‘high art’, architecture, playgrounds and participatory installations.”

Feeling inspired by Zokaites’ approach to awesome? Learn more about his previous work (below) via his website then apply for a grant of your own!

Category: Art, Design



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