Grant #336

Well Groomed

March 4, 2019

When This Filmmaker Wins An Oscar, She Will Thank Us, Here’s Why

Rebecca Stern first applied for an AWB grant in 2015, when she was an aspiring filmmaker with a brilliant — as in TECHNICOLOR — idea for a documentary short. She dazzled us with her footage of artistic dog groomers competing to display their creativity using their dogs as the canvas. We obsessed! (When you click on the AWB website you might be greeted by a picture of a painted poodle from this film)

Every filmmaker scrambles for cash, so our AWB cash was super-helpful. Perhaps equally important to Rebecca, “The grant represented a vote of confidence in my first attempt at filmmaking. There’s no way I could have finished the film without the funds or the support. And it launched me on a more meaningful path than I could have imagined.”

Fast forward. Rebecca’s getting ready to walk the red carpet at South By Southwest for the World Premiere of her first feature-length documentary filmâ based on her original short we funded!

You can find out more at and if you’re going to SXSW, here are your screening times.

We helped her get started, and if you’d like to be a film funder too, you can donate at

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