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Women’s Weekend Film Challenge

March 8, 2021

When Covid Yelled CUT! These Filmmakers Wrote A New Script.

Are you reading this on a moviemaking device? Advances in technology put the tools of storytelling into the hands of anyone who could afford a good cell phone, stoking a revolution in the filmmaking business. Today, if you want to make a movie, unprecedented opportunities await. Making a short film is a proven pathway to attention and possible future filmmaking success.

Women’s Weekend Film Challenge was founded to give women a chance to make short films, and over 700 women have been part of the production teams making dozens of films together. Those films have been accepted at over 90 festivals! When the pandemic made in-person experiences impossible, WWFC wrote a new storyline.

What would you give for a chance to network and learn from some of the best in the business? No, seriously, what would you give? That’s what WWFC asked as they presented a donation-based workshop series.

A wow-wow-wow lineup of career development and networking opportunities appeared for filmmakers around the world featuring names you’ll know if you know film. Presenters include Catherine Hardwicke (she directed “Twilight”), Mimi Leder, (EP & director of “The Morning Show”), Sundance and Cannes winner Karyn Kusama, Kasi Lemmons (writer and director of “Harriet”) and other important voices in independent cinema.

The series has covered composing, editing, writing, budgeting, cinematography, and the newest professional on set, the intimacy coordinator.

Participants can even have their work evaluated by an industry pro!

WWWC will use the Awesome Without Borders grant to pay the Zoom and MailChimp bills.

Here’s a little sample of what the workshops offer.

The late Lynn Shelton is in it for a moment, reminding us that our good work and our good works can be a blessing to others when we are no longer living.

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