GRANT #271:

Young Black Scholars


Sparking conversations and elevating Black students' voices and visibility.

Humans have a fundamental need to belong, yet in high school ALMOST NOBODY FEELS LIKE THEY BELONG! It’s true: even the people who seem to be the most popular, the most successful, the most talented, report feeling like they never really fit in.

That feeling is magnified and intensified for students who are the obvious minority in a largely white school.  Why not make your unique status a point of pride and FEATURE it?

The Young Black Scholars group at Helix Charter High School in California is elevating Black students’ voices and visibility. Of course, there’s a strong sense of community based on similarities and shared experiences.

We love that members are ready to have sparky conversations, we’re betting the club’s new t-shirts (thanks to this Awesome Without Borders grant) will spark a few more.