Category: Animals

GRANT #421: Live Safari in Tiger Country 10/19/2020
The Perfect Safari For Our Time: Safe, Convenient, and Free
GRANT #414: Building Bridges with Bat Boxes 08/31/2020
OK, Maybe Bats Aren’t The Most Popular Animal This Year
GRANT #407: Garden of the Groves 07/13/2020
Grand Bahama’s Awesomely Gorgeous Garden Misses Its Visitors (and their cash)
GRANT #396: Piedmont High School Therapy Dog Program 04/27/2020
Feeling Anxious? A Nice Doggie Can Help You Calm Down Fast.
GRANT #389: Snowy 03/09/2020
What Kind Of Yelp Review Would Your Pets Give Their Living Conditions?

GRANT #376: 12/09/2019
Who’s A Good Doggie? (If Your Dog Isn’t, You Are Not A Well-Trained Owner.)

GRANT #365: No Monkey Business 09/23/2019
Your Fancy Coconut Milk Might Have Been Harvested By A Very Annoyed Monkey
GRANT #336: Well Groomed 03/04/2019
When This Filmmaker Wins An Oscar, She Will Thank Us, Here’s Why
GRANT #150 : Well-Groomed 07/20/2015
A short film revealing the colorful, vibrant, and extreme world of competitive, creative dog grooming.
GRANT #137: Kolossos Bike Zoo 04/20/2015
Katrina Brees, a former Queen of Carnival, is using her parade-building skills to make a difference in the animal kingdom
GRANT #101: The Human in the Bird, opera buffa 08/04/2014
An artistic investigation into the effects of human interaction & environment on the language of birds.
GRANT #45: Donkeys for Development 12/23/2013
A changemaker working with donkeys to transform lives in this rural town of South Africa.
GRANT #32: Beauty and The Endangered Species 09/23/2013
False eyelashes used to promote conservation efforts around the Southern Ground-Hornbill in South Africa. Seriously.
GRANT #17: Fly With The Owlets ‘(@,@)’ 06/10/2013
The International Owl Center is working to make the world a better place for owls through education & research.