While the Harnisch Foundation — and all of its programs including Awesome Without Borders — continues to deepen and expand its partnerships, AWB has a special power to forward awesomeness in the world! For more information on the AWB grant making process see the FAQ below.

What does/doesn't Awesome Without Borders fund?

AWB does not award grants for payments to individuals, travel expenses (food, travel, lodging, etc), or religious-affiliated projects, and usually declines grant requests from large non-profits with substantial budgets or for-profit projects. While the AWB program supports all creative and zany ideas, more than 80% of our grants in the past year have gone to women-led initiatives and priority is given to projects that overlap with the Harnisch Foundation focus areas such as media activism, leadership development, and intersectionality (e.g. How does your project increase representation and inclusion in age, class, race, gender, sexuality, religion and/or ability?).

How do we apply for an Awesome Without Borders $1,000 USD grant?

There’s only one way: You must submit an electronic application through our Awesome Without Borders chapter website. Apply here. Note: Make sure that the Awesome Without Borders chapter is selected in the drop-down menu. The application is short and to-the-point, and will allow our team of Awesome Trustees to review your materials and vote. If it is determined from the application that the request meets a unanimous vote from Awesome Without Borders’ team, the applicant will be notified typically within two months. Note: The grant is for $1,000 USD only and is a one-time grant.

What is Awesome Without Borders relationship with the Harnisch Foundation and with the Awesome Foundation?

Awesome Without Borders is a program of the Harnisch Foundation that offers no-strings-attached microgrants to boost brilliant ideas at a critical time during the project development. It is one of the 100+ chapters in the Awesome Foundation network, but Awesome Without Borders funding comes from the Harnisch Foundation. The Harnisch Foundation is not accepting unsolicited grant applications currently with the exception of Awesome Without Borders. You can apply for an AWB grant here. Note: Make sure that the Awesome Without Borders chapter is selected in the drop-down menu. You can find out more information about the Harnisch Foundation and its grantmaking here.

Does Awesome Without Borders have deadlines for submitting Letters of Inquiry or Grant Applications? How much time does it take for a review?

There are no deadlines for Awesome Without Borders as we are on a rolling deadline. Our promise is to review applications and award grants as fast as we can! With our Awesome Without Borders initiative, we will be awarding $1,000 USD a week. Our intention is to notify all applicants, but here's our disclaimer: sometimes we have more applications than we can process to give you a timely response. To view the application, click here.

How do we check on the status of our AWB application?

It is our intention to process and respond to applications as soon as possible, however, we usually have more applications than we can process. If it’s been more than two months since you submitted your application through the Awesome Without Borders application and you haven’t heard from us, you may inquire by email to determine the status of your request. Please contact our Trustee, Jenny Raymond ([email protected]) via email only.

I am not recognized as a nonprofit, 501c3 project, can I still apply to AWB?

Heck yeah! Our Awesome Without Borders initiative will not assess the basis of the application on whether or not you or your project are recognized as a nonprofit or 501c3 or are based in the USA or internationally. Awards to those who are outside of the USA and/or not 501c3 organizations will come from AWB chapter founder’s private funds and NOT from The Harnisch Foundation. It's that simple.

Must we submit an audited financial statement with our application through the Awesome Without Borders site?

With our Awesome Without Borders initiative, you are NOT REQUIRED to submit financial statements, because we are not considering 501c3 status exclusively as the starting point for assessing your project's Awesome Quotient!

May we apply for an Awesome Without Borders grant via e-mail or fax? Hard copy?

An electronic application, found here, is required and the only way to submit a request. Note: Make sure that the Awesome Without Borders chapter is selected in the drop-down menu. No hard copy applications will be accepted.

If my Awesome Without Borders application is rejected, may I apply again and how long must I wait to do so?

We have a team of Awesome Trustees who review the applications, and we try to get to as many as we can each week. We must have unanimous consent for a grant to be awarded. We see such a variety of applications covering so many amazing ideas, we do our best to give a thorough review before any voting takes place. Therefore, it is unlikely the same project will be considered for funding if the application is not significantly altered when submitted again. There is no rule about how long you need to wait. Please do not submit more than two times, as we have hundreds of grants to review, and need to give everyone the same thoughtful review process!