Grant #419

AlumNest Relief Fund

October 5, 2020

When The Show Must NOT Go On, How Do Show People Pay Their Bills?

With theaters closed, movie sets shut down, festivals canceled, many people who earn a living making films haven’t been making films – or a living – for months now. The people at Chicken & Egg Pictures were concerned about the more than 325 documentary filmmakers they’ve supported through grants, mentorship, and community over the past 15 years. Their network of women and gender nonconforming filmmakers are from a range of ethnic, racial, financial, geographic, and personal backgrounds. At the beginning of the pandemic, Chicken & Egg Pictures reached out to ask their Alumni how they’re doing. Not so well, came the answer from many. The fallout from the pandemic hit the Chicken & Egg Pictures community hard; most say they lost jobs during the lockdown, and that created some financial problems. Right now there’s no substitute for emergency cash.

Chicken & Egg Pictures created a special fund, the AlumNest Relief Fund in partnership with Women Make Movies, to offer $1000 hardship grants to filmmakers in greatest need. We think it’s awesome that Chicken & Egg is giving unrestricted grants to filmmakers they’ve supported in the past. Our AWB grant will go into the AlumNest Relief Fund to help first-time filmmakers and industry veterans alike hang on until their productions resume. If you have extra cash, keep your eye out for the person in your world for whom even a small amount of (no strings attached) help could make all the difference. We hereby deputize you to go forth and be awesome. Learn more about Chicken & Egg Pictures here.



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