Grant #342

Astro Science in the Western Area of Nicaragua

April 15, 2019

Bringing The Moon And The Stars To A Neighborhood Near You (In Nicaragua)

When the Association of Amateur Astronomers of León was created five years ago, the stargazers of Nicaragua wanted to share their love of celestial bodies with their neighbors. So they began carting telescopes to schools to give demonstrations and explain how the science of Astronomy has practical applications here on Earth.

They set up telescopes for people to use (free, of course) during astronomical events such as lunar and solar eclipses. Taking advantage of the curiosity around these phenomena, they regale their captive audiences with thrilling tales of the marvels of the Universe. Perhaps it will be someone’s first time to hear about the Big Bang Theory, or to see the craters of the moon. The group has handouts for people to take home, so they can continue to look up and learn.

So far, they’ve concentrated their efforts in the city of León, but the Amateur Astronomers would like to expand their reach to other cities in the western region of Nicaragua. Our Awesome Without Borders grant will help them get the additional equipment and supplies they need to make that possible.

Check out their Facebook page (en Español) and wherever you live, you might be lucky enough have free telescope opportunities happening near you. Google that! There’s nothing like looking out into the night sky to put all your earthly concerns into perspective.


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