Grant #201

Born Just Right 3D Innovations

July 11, 2016

A superhero prosthetic arm that shoots glitter? Rad.

An arm that shoots glitter is a pretty cool idea. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want one? But, for kids who only have one arm, having one with glitter superpowers would be especially cool. If this story sounds familiar, it probably is. (hint: it went viral)

Jordan is one of those kids. Born with only one arm, she has dedicated a substantial amount of her ten years on earth to improving the lives of kids like her, kids who have a limb difference. Jordan started a petition for American Girl Doll to create dolls that represent kids who don’t have two arms or two legs, for kids who deserve representation of physical difference in the toys that they play with. Jordan and her mom Jen even started the website Born Just Right, a place where parents and kids can come to talk about and celebrate their differences.

Recently, Jordan had the chance to work with a group in San Francisco called KIDmob and 3D software firm Autodesk to learn how to design superhero prosthetics. This is where her glitter shooting arm came into existence. Created with the help of her design partner Sam Hobish using 3D printing technology, Jordan created a unicorn horn that is attached to a capsule of sparkles. The arm then shoots out glitter using compressed air.

Now, Jordan would love an arm that will allow her to hold a phone, so that she can take pictures and watch movies. And she wants to help other kids and adults, too. But, in order to get to that point she needs our help. With our Awesome grant, Jordan will buy her own 3D printer to use at home. Right now, she has to wait until Sam can print and send her those creations in the mail (he lives in San Francisco, she lives in Columbus, Missouri). If she had her own, they could work together and she could print her own creations.

Connect with Born Just Right on the web, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also keep up with Jen and her endeavors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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