Grant #266


October 30, 2017

These two recent high school grads developed a textbook devoted to racial literacy.

Open up the newspaper, scroll through your social feeds, break out of your filter bubble, and you’ll find plenty of talk about race. But not in most classrooms. Initiating meaningful conversations about race and identity can be a daunting task for many educators.

Maybe that’s why it took two recent high school grads to come up with a textbook devoted to racial literacy.

Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo
developed the 224-page textbook that gives K-12 educators the tools and resources to begin having uncomfortable conversations and to equip their students with racial literacy (time to get woke, y’all). Support for this amazing project comes from various corners. Princeton University’s Department of African American Studies funded the book and teachers in 40+ states around the country are using it. #Winning. Now Priya and Winona are working on the third edition, which will include hundreds of powerful stories about race, culture, and intersectionality collected during a nationwide interviewing tour.

Tune into YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get live updates from the tour. With a little help from Awesome Without Borders, the next edition is now available, and you can order it here.



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