Grant #406

Dee’s Tots Daycare

July 6, 2020

Did You Ever Wonder How Night Shift Workers Find Child Care?

At a time when people are noticing their privileges, we became aware of our failure to think about this one: Day workers have more options for child care than do parents who work the graveyard shift.

If one is privileged enough to be able to afford child care, it’s hard enough to find the right place for a child to be cared for during “normal” hours.

But what about the nurse, the firefighter, the delivery person whose workday begins when most people are already in their pajamas?

We first saw Deloris “Nunu” Hogan and Dee’s Tots daycare in a clip from THROUGH THE NIGHT, a documentary in which she’s the central figure.

It’s an intimate look at the challenges of working parents and the people who care for their children.

Deloris and Patrick “Pop Pop” Hogan started their business in 1985, and they are devoted to their clients, most of whom truly depend on the 24-hour services of Dee’s Tots.

The Hogans are frontline heroes in their own right. They make it possible for essential workers to leave their children in good hands and do essential work.

Like most small businesses during the COVID19 pandemic, Dee’s Tots has been hit hard. This Awesome Without Borders grant will help Dee’s Tots maintain vital care services for the children of essential workers.

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