Grant #262

Earth Caravan Project

October 2, 2017
Bringing peace, love, and Shiatsu to indigenous communities.
If you spend your days hunched over a computer and nights trying to find that cushy sweet spot on your couch to release that nagging back and shoulder tension, chances are you could benefit from Shiatsu, a Japanese massage technique that could make the pain finally go away. But when the pain goes deeper than the occasional twinge or ongoing desk job ache to include years of marginalization and cultural segregation, believe it or not, Shiatsu can still be the source of healing.

Launched by Tao Shiatsu Montreal, the Earth Caravan Project is using non-traditional tools such as Shiatsu treatments, art therapy, and mindfulness to facilitate dialogue and restore damaged relationships between the Innu indigenous communities of Canada and the nation that unabashedly seized their land and removed whoever stood in their way. By both celebrating the Innu and sharing alternative methods for reaching peace, the project hopes to foster the much-needed healing. You know that Awesome Without Borders can’t resist tapping into the love.

Follow Tao Shiatsu Montreal on Facebook and get ready for all the feels because video footage from this project will be presented during Indigenous Awareness Week!



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