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FARE FINTA a playbook for creativity

February 21, 2022

Creative Exercises to Help Imagine a Better Future, Whether You’re 9 or 99

People say art is everywhere, but sometimes we need a little help figuring out where to look. In the middle of an ongoing pandemic, FARE FINTA is that tool. It’s a booklet designed—in the words of one of its creators—to “fill the gap between citizens and art” and “to increase the use of creativity and play as a tool to overcome fear and isolation.” 

Combining text and illustration, the workbook is made up of almost a dozen exercises and an instruction manual and suitable for ages three to 99. The women behind it—Marica Girardi, Simona Zurlo, and Maria Rosario Disgregorio—hope that it can be of use to teachers and educators, families, and organizations committed to bringing creative exploration to new audiences. 

To make sure it reaches the people who would most benefit from it, its creators are planning to distribute up to 200 free copies to Italian prisons and public libraries, in addition to other organizations that work with children grappling with the pandemic. Our funding will help them print the copies and get them into the hands of the people who need them. Translated into English, “fare finta” means pretend. And while we can’t “make believe” an end to this moment of crisis, we can use our imaginations to envision a better future. 

Category: Art, Children, Community



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