Grant #528

Flexible Seating for Young Adults

March 27, 2023

Wobble Stools and Sensory Swings Give All Students a Seat at the Table

High school graduation is a major milestone, but Merritt Island High School knows that some of its students require some extra help after course requirements are completed. With its Brevard Learners Achieving Successful Transition (BLAST) program, teachers help individuals with disabilities work on essential skills to set them up for post-high school success, from personal and social skills to independent living and vocational skills. 

Instructors have perfected the curriculum, even building out bedroom, living room, and kitchen/dining areas in a simulated learning lab to prepare students for their post-graduation lives. Now educators are turning to us to help fund flexible seating options to help their students get as much as possible out of these special classes. Our grant will offset the costs of adult wobble stools, swing chairs, wobble cushions, floor seating, and additional seating options that will address specific challenges to individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to make sure everybody gets a seat at the table! You can too! Call up local programs for adults with disabilities and see whether there’s somewhere in your neighborhood that could use a wobble stool or another kind of flexible seating. It’s a small donation that could make a big difference. 

Category: Accessibility, Children, Education, Empowerment



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